June 21, 1994

Pagan Prattle Summer 1994: Contents

[Cover of Summer 1994 issue]Word from the Squirrel's Nest
Your Editor blames the net for a lack of publication.


Down but not out Protesting at Twyford
Ian Foot recounts his experiences. If you are reading this, Ian, please may I have your permission to republish your article here.

Let Sleeping Myths Lie
The net helps spread the infamous Proctor and Gamble rumour.

BARNEY - "The Purple Messiah"
Loony Fundie Nonsense from Paw Creek Ministries You may buy a copy of the pamphlet (B354) from the site for a mere $1 (US).

Freedom in our skins?
Geri Corvus on the persecution of Genesis P. Orridge.

Rabbi Walter Rothschild examines the Congregants' Charter.

Book Reviews
Geri Corvus looks at a couple of Satanic abuse myth titles, and Feòrag NicBhrìde reviews some fantasy and manages not to be too sarcastic.

Marija Gimbutas and Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson.

Something to look at once you've finished reading the Prattle.

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