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August 28, 2002

Break time

I'm off to the airport in half an hour, on my way to San Jose and San Francisco. Updates are likely to be erratic for the next few days, unless I obtain plenty of plum loony fundie nonsense in the US.

If you scroll down to the Ras Mikael Enoch story, you'll find an update with an entertaining link.

August 26, 2002

Fundie fiction is evil too

The Left Behind series are Christian science fiction books, graphic novels and other products by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye and by all accounts they're pretty dire. I can't tell you any more because they don't want to use their web site as a marketing tool - it uses Flash so extensively that it's not accessible. But perhaps this is good for my eternal soul. According to Lisa Ruby, author of GOD'S WRATH on Left Behind, the Left Behind series is not only unbiblical in many ways, it is anti-biblical and anti-Christian. The God of the Left Behind series is Satan in disguise, and the reader is unknowingly embracing him with open arms. More detail can be found at Liberty to the Captives web site:

Our goals are to expose the false doctrines in Tim LaHaye's books and the Left Behind series and all practices and teachings in the church that are contrary to sound doctrine. Other topics include the true gospel vs. the false gospel, the planned satanic infiltration into the church; false teachings about Satan in Jim Pappas' Christiana: The Pilgrim's Progress Part II, ways a Christians can be harmed by Satan and his followers and what to do about it, the New Age infiltration of the church; why rock music is unholy, Jesus' promise of a post-tribulation rapture, propaganda techniques used to influence Christians' doctrinal beliefs, witchcraft in the Harry Potter books, Tim LaHaye's false teachings about the mark of the beast, scripture-twisting in the Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible: King James, walking after the flesh vs. walking in the Spirit; Christian liberty vs. license to sin; home histories of godly saints; spiritual authority; Bible deliverance from evil spirits; fasting and praying; satanic markings on the work of professed Christians, the various ways Satan's servants work to try to spiritually destroy Christians.

The site also explains why most holidays are evil and exposes the NWO and Planned Martial Law.

Pagan Prattle sweep time

How long before one of the leaders of the unfortunately-named Blackshirts is caught having an affair? This Australian group pickets the homes of adulterers and wants a severe penalty for married people who stray from their spouses:

The Blackshirts say that their only intention is to promote the sanctity of marriage, and they believe that to achieve this aim adultery should be punishable by death. Furthermore, they warn that if the law does not change they may resort to dragging adulterers from their homes and lynching them.

Leader John Abbott's wife left him 12 years ago and he hasn't got over it yet. He told The Guardian:

People should take them out, find the nearest branch and hang them for what they're doing. But unfortunately the law does not allow that, and we are law-abiding. The question they need to ask is how long before the laws change. When they do, the adulterers will hang up like chandeliers in every park. And that will come.

Cuckolds take their rage to the streets - The Guardian, August 26th 2002. (Thanks Charlie)

Birthdays are evil

According to the Hope of Israel Ministries (Church of Yehovah), birthdays are a really bad thing:

Most people living in this day and age rarely, if ever, QUESTION the customs they observe -- including that of BIRTHDAYS! Because of the SUBTLE ways pagan observances and beliefs have crept into the "Christian" church, thousands upon thousands of sincere people never question the EVIL behind their use. Are YOU one of them? If you celebrate BIRTHDAYS in any shape, form or fashion you are celebrating a "feast" that God hates -- a feast whose origin is deeply rooted in PAGAN GODWORSHIP and the Mystery Religion of ancient Babylon!

Apparently, bestowing a gift of my preferred chocolate is a form of worship of BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

In PAGAN ANTIQUITY people were using this very SAME greeting to each other under the GUISE of the pagan MYSTERY RELIGIONS! The initiated of these religions knew that a GOD was being honored when this wish was being bestowed -- but to those who were NOT initiated, this god was HIDDEN!

The reason this exact phrase was being used is because of the etymology of the word "happy". You see, Hapi is an Egyptian god of the Nile also called Hap, Hapy, Apis and Happy!

The worship of HAP (APIS, OSIRIS, OSAR-HAP, SERAPIS, etc.) was practiced in YORK in England among those who were the originators of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Not only that, but the English-speaking people DIRECTLY worshipped HAP -- calling him ZEUS!

The article goes through all the different birthday customs and demonstrates that just beneath this VENEER of respectability lurks the DEPTHS OF PAGANISM. The chocolate should be delivered on September 7th.

Conspiracy du jour

Acccording to this post in alt.conspiracy, the 1995 sadist elimination and torture of reggae radio selector Mikael Enoch of KKUP FM was the work of

Angry New Age Tarot women dedicated to totally changing and transforming society - eradicating the innocent so ruthlessly in order to replace the innocent with New Age friends. Their goal is to rid the world of traditional values, Judeo-Christian morals, and male domination that they so furiously hate and loathe.

The proof is that the deceased's radio show was replaced with a New Age one. And in case you didn't know what's so bad about that, the post concludes:

Let it also be known that most New Age teachings are derived from the Mother of the New Age, Helena Blavatsky, a russian woman who's books Adolf Hitler was absolutely absorbed with. In fact Hitler kept one of her books on his night-stand always, claiming to have read it at least 4 times. There is little doubt as to the origins and followers of the New Age - Hitler, Aquino, LaVey, Crowley, etc. Nothing needs more to be said...

So that's us told, then.

This account does not feature on writer Ras Mikael Enoch's website, but plenty of other stuff does. We learn that the Republican Party is infiltrated to the highest levels by a by a Pedophile Satanic Cult, and that police forces choose their badges carefully:

There are plenty of upside-down stars and circled pentagrams, amongst the gestapo police forces in the U.S., notably California, where they really love the upside-down ones. The same un-godly forces that rape, beat, and would crucify Christ.

Learn too about the U.S. Army's public support, of a whole satanic network that exists within it's own ranks, though we'll have to wait for the upcoming page on the U.S. Army Satanic Child Flesh Ring, and the evil actions of Thelma from Scooby Doo!

Update: A correspondent has pointed me to the Unofficial Ras FAQ. It makes most interesting reading.

August 25, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Chi condoms

A new condom which vibrates by drawing on the body's own energy, ki (chi), is selling well in Japan. A representative of marketing company Ii Project told the Shukan Post:

Various substances emit vibrating waves. These create an extremely weak energy, which we think is how ki manifests itself. As each of these substances has its own fixed pattern of throbbing, we have learned that throwing them all together creates a variety of influences. These substances quivering together have given the vibrating condom some amazing features. We've had some customers tell us how it has given them greater staying power or permitted greater sensation.

New vibrating condom unlocks the power of kiMDN WaiWai, August 24th 2002.

August 23, 2002

Children buried alive

105 children were temporarily buried alive in Tamil Nadu, India, as part of a centuries old temple ritual performed every seven years.

The ritual takes place in the temple of goddesses Muthukuzhi Mariamman and Kaliamman. Families make promises to the deities and, to fulfil their vows, their children are buried alive. The girls chosen for the ceremony are younger than eight years of age.
The child is tired out or given sedatives and covered in holy ash and turmeric paste by the family. The child has to become unconscious. If this does not happen, the ritual is cancelled and the family fined Rs 1,000.
The unconscious or semi-conscious child is then wrapped in a yellow cloth by the parents and taken to the temple. On the temple ground, a pit is dug and the child buried alive for a few seconds while mantras are chanted. The parents break coconuts during the time as offerings to the goddesses.
The child is then taken out of the pit and daylong celebrations follow.

Child welfare authorities are concerned about the possible traumatic effects of the ceremony on the children. 105 kids buried alive in temple ritual - The Times of India, August 22nd 2002.

300 pigs and 100 goats were not treated as well. Hundreds of animals were slaughtered in Coimbatore to appease the rain gods.

The bizarre sacrifice involved `serial killing' of goats and pigs throughout the day. Drunk men, women in a trance, whirling in the shield of blankets with spears, pierced the necks of the animals till the blood washed over the soil at the temple. Men donned the role of `Yama' for the day, all for rain.

300 pigs, 100 goats sacrificed for rain - The Times of India, August 22nd 2002.

Bargain of the Day: Jesus watches

London-based Jesus Watches is a Holy Ghost filled Christian Company, which was formed in January 2001, to promote and further the work of GOD in this world. Their watches range in price from a very reasonable £14.99 to a much more painful £520.

As a Christian organisation, we have set up to spread the gospel and these quality attractive watches act as a Christian witness to bring many to JESUS, from elegant watches to multi-functional chronograph sports watches, JESUS WATCHES designs have captured the world, Christendom, men and women's imagination. Utilising the highest calibre movement from around the world including Switzerland, France and Japan, constructed from the finest materials, JESUS WATCHES offer unquestioned quality and reliability at affordable prices.

You can also buy pens and calculators marked with the company's J3SUS logo. (via Jesus Museum)

August 21, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Groovy T-shirts

BioResonant Chakra Shirts might look like groovy psychedelic T-shirts to you, but they're special:

What is Bioresonance? In bio-resonant garments, vibrations of light (colors) are scientifically tuned and combined in an effort to resonate with electro-photonic bio-emissions of the human body, of which body heat is a part of. Multi-color patterns worn directly on skin seem to cause considerable stimulation and coherent improvement of our bio-emissions, as measured by bio-electrography, which is the phenomenon that Dr. Chalko calls bio-resonance.

Black might be flattering, but it's bad for your health: wearing black creates weakening and fragmenting of our electro-photonic bio-energy field... wearing and promoting black clothes seems to be an act against human Nature and well being.

They don't make 'em like they used to

Way back when I was first shown Usenet, Robert E. McElwaine posted IMPORTANT Information all over the place. Information such as:

"Global 2000" GENOCIDE
"Global 2000" is an international CON$PIRACY to WIPE-OUT most of the world's population by the YEAR 2000 by means of war$, famine (via weather control), disease (including GENETICALLY-ENGINEERED A.I.D.S.), slow-motion food poisoning (additives, pesticides, etc.), drugs (including tobacco and alcohol), violent crime (induced by poverty, drug addiction, TV violence, etc.), accidents (unsafe products), suppression of natural health remedies (including those against CANCER), infant formula samples given to 3rd-world mothers (mixed with filthy water; breasts dry up while using sample, cannot afford to buy more), etc., ETC., for POPULATION CONTROL. [And the Catholic Church is making this WORSE by banning use of artificial birth-control methods among its many members WORLDWIDE.].
Robert E. McElwaine

Now there is a Robert E. McElwaine Archive containing many of his postings and background information.

August 20, 2002

Should've gone to Confession instead

In Zimbabwe, two men approached a traditional healer for protection from the vengeful ghost of a British university lecturer they had murdered a few days earlier. The healer reported them to the police instead. The men were charged after clothing, a mobile phone, a wrist watch and money belonging to the lecturer were found in their posession. 'Victim's ghost drives murderers to confess' - IOL, August 18th 2002.

August 18, 2002

Elvis statue weeps

A plaster bust of Elvis Presley wept on the 25th anniversary of the singer's death, according to its Dutch owner. Toon Nieuwenhuisen, professional Elvis impersonator and spiritualist medium, said the tears started at 10am and tasted salty. The statue has apparently cried on several occasions during the past five years. 'Saint' Elvis bust weeps salty tears - IOL, August 16th 2002.

Shaman claims to be rapist and murderer

A self-styled shaman in Mexico has told journalists he raped and killed a woman as part of a "black magic" ritual to secure the release of a jailed drug smuggler. The 19-year-old woman had come to him for help with her love life.

The shaman told the woman to meet him at a local residence, where he raped her, strangled her and slit her throat to collect her blood in a jar.
On Tuesday, Sanchez returned to Catemaco with his victim's blood to perform a ceremony on the islet of Cocodrilo aimed at helping to free his client, a jailed drug trafficker facing homicide charges in Nuevo Laredo.

The article implies that he has yet to be arrested, but expects his life is in danger as he wasn't wearing his protective amulets. Mexico shaman sacrifices woman to work "magic" for jailed client - The News Mexico, August 17th 2002.

Child abuse proponent in charge of child welfare

The new man in charge of Florida's notoriously inept child welfare system is a religious extremist who believes that it is not child abuse to beat children, even if they suffer bruises or welts as a result (something which a lawyer consulted by the Miami Herald noted is illegal in Florida). Jerry Regier even wrote an essay on The Christian World View of the Family in which he and co-author George Rekers

railed against abortion and gay couples forming families, and emphasized that husbands have final say in any family dispute.

The essay also said Christians should not marry non-Christians, that divorce is acceptable only when there is adultery or desertion and that wives should view working outside the home as bondage. The radical feminist movement, the essay adds, has damaged the morale of many women and convinced men to relinquish their biblical authority in the home.

There are doubts as to whether he will be able to maintain proper separation of his personal beliefs and his official duties as the essay urges Christians to take:

whatever actions we can, within our biblical and constitutional limits, to realign county, state, and federal legislation regarding family issues in order to make it conform to the Bible's view of reality and morality.

In a strange comment, Katie Munez, representing Govenor Jeb Bush, noted that Many of our nation's finest public servants past and present have been men and women of faith. As blogger Jeanne d'Arc notes:

Buried in the response is an enormous insult hurled at people of faith. What did the aide mean? Yes, his ideas are nuts but he's religious — you know how religious people are?

DCF leader: It's OK to spank - The Miami Herald, August 16th 2002 (via Patrick Neilsen Hayden's Electrolite).

Things you see on lampposts

Wandering through Edinburgh yesterday, I spied a typewritten notice stuck to a lamppost. Promising - it was either going to tell us that we'd burn in Hell unless we repented right now, or it would allege that Ariel Sharon pours the blood of Christian and Muslim babies on his Corn Flakes each morning. Hoping for some class Loony Fundie Nonsense, I examined it more closely. It wasn't quite what I was expecting:

[ The notice ]

There is a huge planet approaching Earth. It is called Hercolubus - five or six times bigger than Jupiter. It will pass close enough to wipe out life on Earth, through earthquakes, floods and diseases.
There is God and there is Divine Justice.
There are extraterrestrials, some of whom will save a handful of people from the catastrophe.
The ones who survive will be working on and removing their psychological defects, and will be practising astral projection.
All this and more information can be found in HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET by V.M. RABOLU.
This book was not written as fiction, but as a warning. Order from a good bookshop - Price £5.95, ISBN 1857765117

August 13, 2002

Hereditary insanity

The Supreme Court in Australia has found a man, his 18 year old son and 16 year old daughter not guilty of murdering the man's wife on grounds of mental illness. The three stabbed the 35-year old woman last October because they believed she was possessed by the Devil.

The Supreme Court has heard the children's 40-year-old father left a Blue Mountains mental unit the week before the killing and stayed with his son in Katoomba, burning incense and praying all day.
Neighbours told how the father, son and daughter attacked the woman in the street at Glossodia, the father and son stabbing her, with the 16-year-old assisting.
All three later told police the dead woman was possessed, the son claiming she used to drink blood, the girl saying it was not her mother who had been killed, but a demon.

The family, none of whom can be named as that would identify the 16-year old are likely to be held in custody under mental health laws. Court finds demon-killers not guilty due to mental illness - ABC News, August 12th 2002.

Thought for the Day: Don't think.

102 public figures have sent a letter to the BBC protesting at the ban on atheist contributors to Radio 4's Thought for the Day. The letter, signed by writers, MPs, peers, academics and scientists was sent by the British Humanist Association, the National Secular Society and the Rationalist Press Association.

By resolutely retaining the ban, the BBC is discriminating against the non-religious, and thus giving the impression of promoting religion as the one source of ethics. We call on the Governors to end this ban.

The slot is currently being revamped but producers have already decided not to allow atheists to participate. Anger as BBC keeps the faith on Thought for the Day - Ananova, August 13th 2002.

Strange deaths in India

Seven people have died in Uttar Pradesh of mysterious injuries which locals blame on UFOs- in this case flying spheres with flashing blue and red lights.

Raghuraj Pal, whose neighbour Ramji Pal died recently in Shanwa, said: A mysterious flying object attacked him in the night. His stomach was ripped open. He died two days later.

More prosaic explanations include mass hysteria in which the victims unconsciously inure themselves, and a particular type of insect which leaves 9cm bite marks.

Still in India, eight people were killed and fifteen injured during a procession in honour of a local goddess in Hyderabad. A tractor had been converted into a tall chariot for the occasion and the devotees were electrocuted when it hit high tension electricity cables.

At least seven dead in reported UFO attacks in IndiaAnanova, August 12th 2002. 8 electrocuted during religious festival; 15 hurt - Daily Pioneer, August 13th 2002.

August 12, 2002

But don't mediatate and drive

Bangkok's drivers are being asked to be aware of Buddhist teachings in an attempt to improve road safety. Billboards have appeared all over the city bearing messages such as Have the wisdom to prepare your journey before leaving home and Have mercy and lend a helping hand to motorists with car trouble. More are promised. A senior Education Ministry official in charge of religious education gave the scheme his approval:

A high state of consciousness and concentration, and the fifth precept -- abstention from alcohol and other intoxicants -- should be practised by all drivers.

One taxi driver said that the billboards were good to read while stuck in Bangkok's notorious traffic, but admitted Once I'm on the road, all I want to do is drive my passengers to their destinations as quickly as I can without hitting other cars. Drivers encouraged to adopt Buddhist ethics behind wheel - The Bangkok Post, August 12th 2002.

Please stay on the dole

Lingerie retailer Ann Summers is threatening to take the government to court after a decision not to allow it to advertise vacancies through Job Centres. A rule banning the advertising of jobs in the sex or personal services industry was cited, though Ann Summers shops are not sex shops, which need to be licensed. A government representative also claimed it would be unfair to force job seekers to consider roles in industries to which they may have moral objections, but Job Centres still routinely advertise jobs in the military and butchers' shops. Ann Summers Threatens Legal Action Over Job Centres Ban - Ananova (via The Guardian), August 12th 2002.

August 11, 2002

Listen with Mother

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. Today's story is an adventure about cuddly toys: Tales of Plush Cthulhu.

Raelian circles

More and more crop formations look like the Raelian logo, according to the Raelian Movement.

The Raelians consider some crop circles to be a passive communication confirming the messages given to their founder "RAEL" on Dec 13th 1973 during a face-to-face encounter with a human being from another planet.

The beings asked Rael to build an embassy where they could land and meet.

RAEL was given the specific dimensions of this embassy. Remarkably, a pictogram of the embassy appeared in Wiltshire, England in August of 1990.
This most recent crop circle is the 10th in a series of crop circles that have appeared resembling the Raelian logo in the past few years.
On August 21st 2001, two of the most intricate crop formations appeared alongside Chilbolton (Hampshire) Radio Observatory - the elaborate 3 dimensional "face" and the extraordinary binary code. This "reply" to the 1974 Arecibo radio transmission, and the message contained within, is of the utmost significance. Like the other formations, the complexity rules out any possibility of a manmade hoax.

The current Raelian logo is a Star of David with swirls going in to the centre. The popularity of six-sided formations among circlemakers is, of course, nothing to do with the ease of creating six-fold geometry with nothing more than a length of rope. Crop Circles Reveal "Signs" To Raelians - Raelian Movement press release (via Scoop), August 8th 2002.

August 10, 2002

Irrelevant material not evidence

Detectives investigating the death of a Virginia man from a bullet wound to the head took at least a half dozen guns, shell casings and a portion of a cardboard box with red stains from the residence on the day of the killing. For some reason, they also thought it relevant to take a copy of Raymond Buckland's Complete Guide to Witchcraft. The dead man's wife, Elizabeth Farinacci, has now been charged with his murder and the use of a firearm in committing a felony. Her representative has had to go to the court to prevent the book being used in the trial. As Wren of Wren's Nest News pointed out And was this the *only* book found on the premises? I wonder if any murderers were ever found to have a (gasp) Bible or one of those 'Left Behind' books in their homes?. Judge grants motions for more proof - News Advance, August 7th 2002.

August 9, 2002

How religion keeps us stupid

The latest issue of Asimov's Science Fiction includes Burning Science at the Stake, an essay by Robert Silverberg examining the history of religious interference in scientific research from the early 14th century ban on dissection to the restrictions on stem cell research in the United States.

From then until the repeal of Boniface's decree in 1556, those who dared conduct studies in human anatomy had to work surreptitiously--the most famous example being that of the anatomist Andreas Vesalius, who would visit places of execution where criminals had been left hanging overnight and carry out secret dissections by torchlight. His famous book of 1543, On the Structure of the Human Body, provided the first reliable information on human anatomy ever compiled. Much persecuted for impiety, Vesalius wandered from country to country and eventually, to escape the Inquisition, undertook a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where he died.

The same issue also includes Router, the latest in Charles Stross' Accelerando series.

The queen is young, with disheveled blonde hair and high cheekbones: she wears a tattered black dress over iridescent purple leggings, and sprawls lazily across the arms of her informal throne--an ostentatious lump of nonsense manufactured from a single carbon crystal doped with semiconductors. She got to be queen by almost-accident, parlaying a jurisdictional mix-up and her presence on the first commercial mining probe to make it out to Jupiter into the ownership of a rather small moon, and she hasn't got the royalty thing down pat yet; the scene is very much the morning after the evening before, like a goth night club gone to seed. The decor is all stale smoke and crumpled velvet, wooden church pews, burned-out candles, and gloomy Polish avant-garde paintings.

Nothing to do with religious silliness, intolerance, penises or any of the usual Prattle topics, just me being biased.

EU blamed for censorship

Romanian witches are threatening to cast spells to prevent their country's entry into NATO or the European Union unless a government ban on the promotion of sorcery is lifted. Last week, the National Audio Visual Council banned all radio and television programmes relating to magic and witchcraft claiming the measure had been demanded as a condition of Romania's entry into the EU. According to Cludiu Rusu, a representative for the National Audio-Visual Council:

Programmes with miraculous healers and broom-riding witches who claim they can change the world are very harmful, especially for young audiences. We should not allow children or people in trouble to believe all those witches claim they can do.

But Maria Campina, an elected True and Authentic Queen of White Magic promised to defeat the measure with the help of her six daughters and around eighty other white witches:

I ordered all witches in this country to stop all magic that could help Romania join Nato or the EU. We will work against it. Why should politicians be allowed to act as stars on television... and we are banned?

Another witch, Rodica Gheorghe, blamed clerical jealousy: It is outrageous and we will not accept it. Witches have been persecuted since the Inquisition because their powers are stronger than priests. In a statement, the National Witches' Association noted that the ban was more likely to hinder Romania's integration. European human rights legislation guarantees freedom of conscience and religion. Witches off the box? Then Nato gets a pox... - IOL, August 9th 2002. Witches threaten Romania's EU interests as revenge for TV ban - Ananova, August 1st 2002.

Politician blames spell for his affair

A Taiwanese MP enlisted the services of a Taoist priest to break a spell which caused him to have an extra-marital affair. The spell was allegedly cast by a female aide to Cheng Yu-cheng to control him and the priest declared the exorcism successful after he saw 'evil spirits' during the ritual. It can't have been that successful though, as Cheng has subsequently threatened to divorce his wife. 'Ghostbuster' breaks sex spell for Taiwan MP - IOL, August 7th 2002.

Pretty pictures

On final approach into Luton Airport on Monday afternoon, I saw this rather impressive work of art.

Smelly companion

A Louisiana woman who kept her husband's body in her caravan for a month after his death will not be charged. Myra Foreman said that she had seen the face of the devil every time she made funeral arrangements. She also told detectives she had protected her husband from supernatural beings that came to the house each night. No charges to be filed against woman who kept husband's body in trailer - The Town Talk, August 7th 2002.

Pass me an alcopop

Just back from the Great British Beer Festival, where CAMRA launched a new campaign ostensibly to attract more women to the delights of proper beer. Using the figure of Ninkasi, a Sumerian predecessor to Ishtar creditied with inventing beer 4000 years ago, the campaign builds on previous ones, which featured naked models on beds of barley, barely covered with hops:

Last year's campaign helped us shake off real ale's flat cap image and proved very popular, particularly with younger men. With Ninkasi we are turning our attention to women and creating a new, powerful icon for female as well as male beer drinkers. We now need to see real ale brewers following our lead with innovative and exciting marketing campaigns to put British beer back at the top of the shopping list for the increasing numbers of female pub-goers.

This year's campaign should prove more popular with young men - rather than a dusky middle-eastern mother figure, Ninkasi has been depicted as Lara Croft with a pint glass. Hale Ninkasi! - CAMRA press release, 5th August 2002.

August 4, 2002

Gospel Science Fiction

My fiancé has been known to write science fiction, and so might be interested in joining William Charles Deich IV's Gospel Science Fiction Revolution:

Several years ago, when the LORD started an awesome move in my life, I came to the Revelation that we have Christian music, Christian T-shirts, Christian bumper stickers . . . . and nearly everything else, . . . . but no Christian science fiction! My immediate response: Let's invent some! This is why I want to start the GOSPEL SCIENCE FICTION REVOLUTION where millions of people around the world will be writing GOSPEL SCIENCE FICTION to save the lost!

To get you started, he's included a number of his own tales - William's Gospel SI-FI Adventures (sic.) - inspired by a certain well-known work of fantasy. The Lost Boy is a play - Lost in Hyperspace, Brandon must find his way to God and rescue a mining colony around a black hole!

However, they still haven't found any life. Of course most of Brandon's colleges are totally brain washed by evolution and offer the standard explanation for this: since life is a rare and random event, they just haven't checked out enough star systems closely enough, but it has to be out there! However, when they ask Brandon, he has a different idea . . .

In case you forget, this badly spelled space opera has a Puropse:

While these stories take place far away in the future and in far away places, they are not intended to contradict the Bible or belief in the rapture or tribulation; they are merely intended to protray the Gospel in new and unusual ways. In fact these stories show that Jesus would have to come back before man spreads out to other planets. According to Daniel 9:24, one of the reasons there must be a Tribulation is to bring an end to sins. If that did not happen before man colonized other planets, then there would be no way of stopping it and sin would go on forever.

Go on Charlie, join in. You never know, Maybe some day we can publish our works together.

Bargain of the Day: Holy socks

The latest offering from the Religious Tat department comes from a Scottish company—Holy Socks. Did you know that there are more than 600 references to feet and walking in the Bible? With so many references to feet in the Bible, it seems logical that we have Holy Socks. Even though there are no references to socks in the Bible—would the Son of God commit such a fashion faux pas as wearing socks with sandals?

At Holy Socks we design and sell socks with Biblically inspired motifs. We've got Daniel & his Lions, Jonah and the Whale, Crook and Sheep design. To see our selection of designs and sizes click on the foot button below. Our sizes range from Children's 9-12 to adult large size and we have recently added a Baby Holy Sock.

As well as ordering the socks, the site features a special Holy Sock song, downloadable as an MP3:

As Jesus kneels to wash the feet
Of those who love his name
So may we too
Give feet their due
And Holy Socks a home

Strange panic in Zimbabwe

The headmaster of an Anglican school in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe, has fled after parents alleged he owned invisible goblins which assault and sexually harass female pupils and staff. An anonymous teacher at St. Mark's Secondary School told the National News:

I witnessed one incident when a student went into a trance. He was demanding meat, threatening that after finishing with the students, the spirits would attack the teachers next. We are living in fear here.

The panic started about six weeks ago:

The mysterious incidents started about six weeks ago when students complained of being harassed by mysterious beings during the night, believed to be goblins,known in Shona as zvikwambo, mubobobo or as tokoloshe in Zulu.
About 30 students have been victims of the attacks and we can't bear spending another night at this haunted place, said a student.
A friend of mine was bitten on the arm after she wrestled with a ghost which wanted to sleep with her, she said.

The school's Scripture Union has been quick to take advantage of the situation, using the alleged incidents to lure vulnerable young people to their prayer meetings with hopes of exorcism. Headmaster flees as hysteria grips school - National News, July 30th 2002.

Porn blamed for lack of improvement in crime rates

'Christians' in South Africa have resorted to claims that pornography leads to rape and murder in their efforts to close a sex shop in Somerset West. The 120 prudes admit that the shop is perfectly legal, but still want to close down the business, which is tucked away in an industrial area. Other claims are that pornography is being passed around among local children. The shop, Adult World, has 24 hour surveillance and strict proof-of-age requirements and Arthur Calamaras, owner of the chain, notes that they cannot be held responsible if customers are not careful with their purchases.

At a protest meeting in a Baptist church, Pastor Peter Hammond of African Christian Action quoted 'feminist' sources to justify his claims that pornography was an insatiable cancer, stalking and devouring with ever-increasing appetite.The more one ingests, the greater the lust for more, when he said Pornography is the theory, rape is the practice.

Hammond said when the Film and Publications Act was passed in 1996 it legalised pornography and made it possible for child abusers, rapists and paedophiles to get all the material they needed.

Organiser Jeanine McGill blamed pronography for South Africa's high rape figures, but Arthur Calamaras notes that that has been the case for a long time:

There are a thousand arguments for and a thousand arguments against. These church groups have just found a scapegoat for problems in society. When I brought Adult World to Johannesburg six years ago that city was already the crime capital of the world, yet there was no pornography in South Africa.

Sex shop faces wrath of suburban ChristiansCape Argus, (via IOL), August 3rd 2002.

Familiar names resurface

The Observer newspaper has noticed strong similarities between the case of Dawn Reed and Chris Lillie and the Satanic Abuse nonsense which surfaced in the 1980s. This week, Reed and Lille won a libel case after a Newcastle City Council 'review panel' published a report claiming the nursery nurses were really guilty of abusing children in their care, even though they had been acquitted by a criminal court.

The setting was modern but, as the judge commented, their story seemed to come from a distant, irrational past. Professor Richard Barker, the chairman of the review panel, whose members Justice Eady found guilty of malice, told the libel court that if a child denied she had been abused, he assumed she meant the opposite. This inverted logic, the judge said, was part of a pattern. If a child said she had been raped or penetrated with a knife, yet displayed no physical sign of abnormality, then, in the view of Reed and Lillie's accusers, 'the absence of physical findings does not mean that abuse has not taken place'. If a child said she had not been abused, that was 'terrorisation by the supposed abuser'.

During the original abuse trial in 1994, Professor Maggie Bruck, an expert on children's testimony, told the court that the interviews were some of the worst and most dangerous she had ever seen, and bear a remarkable similarity to the techniques used in the Orkney case:

Extremely young and bewildered children were brought in and interrogated (sometimes for over an hour) by one, two and even three interviewers. These interviewers used the full array of suggestive techniques to elicit allegations of abuse. When the children denied they had been abused, they were bombarded with more suggestions, they were scolded, threatened and bribed. When some children whimpered, moaned or begged the interviewers to end the questioning, the interviewers continued.

Journalist Richard Webster looked into the past of members of the disgraced Review Team and wasn't surprised by what he found:

It is no coincidence that two key members of the Shieldfield Review Team have both been believers in satanic ritual abuse. Judith Jones was the social worker at the centre of the 1989 Nottingham satanic abuse case. Astonishingly, Newcastle City Council nevertheless appointed her to the Review Team. Meanwhile, clinical psychologist Jacqui Saradjian has written of satanic cults where 'children were caged, hung, chained, whipped, burnt, tortured, drowned, buried alive, and strapped to inverted crosses and assaulted'.

He concludes that social workers have simply replaced 'organised satanic cults' with the more believable 'pædophile rings' in their fantasies. 'We were terrified - we could have been killed' and How our demons fuel witch-hunts born from demons - The Observer, August 4th 2002.

August 3, 2002

Man set 'witch' wife on fire

A man in Texas has been jailed for life, and must serve at least 30 years, for setting his wife on fire because he thought she was a witch. Keeper Ray Hudson told the court In my mind, she was a witch trying to destroy me and my children. I was going to destroy her before she could destroy me and my children. Angela Hudson is badly scarred and has had nine operations as a result of the attack, with three more planned. Man receives life term for torching wife - Houseton Chronicle, August 3rd 2002.

August 2, 2002

Goths welcome again

Embarrassed Edinburgh City Council officials have overturned a ban on goths in Princes Street Gardens. The ban came after a group of teenagers were spotted breaking shrubs and knocking over bins. Their black T-shirts and baggy jeans were somehow mistaken for goth attire by fashion-illiterate officials.

The ban caused outrage among local goths and prompted a number of letters to the local newspaper. One correspondent, Ross Craig, wrote:

After reading your article on the council's decision to ban Goths from Princes Street Gardens, I felt I had to write in and ask whether all those wearing tracksuits and baseball caps will also be banned? As an Edinburgh resident I know which group I've had more hassle from.

In future, exclusion orders will be served on individual troublemakers. Gardens' blanket ban on Capital goths lifted - Edinburgh Evening News, August 2nd 2002 (when this expires, the password for '' is Crail63).

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