August 4, 2002

Strange panic in Zimbabwe

The headmaster of an Anglican school in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe, has fled after parents alleged he owned invisible goblins which assault and sexually harass female pupils and staff. An anonymous teacher at St. Mark's Secondary School told the National News:

I witnessed one incident when a student went into a trance. He was demanding meat, threatening that after finishing with the students, the spirits would attack the teachers next. We are living in fear here.

The panic started about six weeks ago:

The mysterious incidents started about six weeks ago when students complained of being harassed by mysterious beings during the night, believed to be goblins,known in Shona as zvikwambo, mubobobo or as tokoloshe in Zulu.
About 30 students have been victims of the attacks and we can't bear spending another night at this haunted place, said a student.
A friend of mine was bitten on the arm after she wrestled with a ghost which wanted to sleep with her, she said.

The school's Scripture Union has been quick to take advantage of the situation, using the alleged incidents to lure vulnerable young people to their prayer meetings with hopes of exorcism. Headmaster flees as hysteria grips school - National News, July 30th 2002.

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