February 18, 2003

Aura diagnosis device invented.

A Russian doctor has invented a new device based on the Kirilian effect which he claims shows the aura and allows him to diagnose various illnesses with 90% accuracy. The method, called gas-discharge visualization, uses an electromagnetic field to make biological radiation of human body surface visible.

Then, a schematic picture of a human being appears on the screen, while around it, a blue-yellow-red line corresponding with the body shape could be seen. If the line has no breaches, if it is even, the patient is absolutely healthy. Though, if there are some breaches and splashes, this signifies some pathological process in an organ.
Malakhov, a famous Russian extrasensory individual, calls changes like that karma dissemination. Some of them are latent, while others, by penetrating to the physical body, cause one or another function breach.
For example, a splash over the head witnesses energy standstill which can cause headaches. The same splash near the liver means the person has gall-stones.
According to Malakhov, people should get rid of different field pollution forms, otherwise the latter could for sure cause an illness and reduce life and creative abilities.

Device Allowing to See an Individual's Energy Field Invented - Pravda, 18th February 2003.

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