February 7, 2003

Japanese Balls

Japan: Observatories in western Japan have been swamped with calls from people who saw a glowing ball in the sky on Thursday night.

Moving from west to east across the sky, the initial fireball split into three before disappearing.

It was white at first and then turned yellow. It was like watching the headlights of a truck from a long distance. I thought it must have been a meteor, but I was shocked as I'd never experienced anything like this before, said Yoshitaka Hazenoki, a member of the board of education in the Wakayama Prefecture city of Arita.

Astronomers think it was probably a meteor which fell into the Pacific Ocean. The Mainichi Shimbun also received reports from Kitakyushu of a bright red light with a tail traveling across the sky in an easterly direction.

Great balls of fire, is that a UFO? - Mainichi Daily News, 7th February 2003.

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