May 3, 2003

Politics is boring here.

Kenya: The death of an MP and two others has acquired interesting overtones with the discovery of a bag containing suspected witchcraft material near where James Mutiso drowned. There is also much speculation as to why a female traditional healer was in the car with the MP. The three people drowned when the car they were travelling in was swept away as the driver tried to cross a swollen river.

Among superstitious villagers, the discovery of the witchcraft material is being cited as proof that evil spirits had been unleashed to destroy their MP.
In Ukambani, such things don't just happen. The vehicle stalled mid-stream and now witchcraft tools are found around the scene. There is something fishy here, said Mr Sebastian Mutua from Katangi, firmly dismissing suggestions the incident might be a normal rainy season accident.

Witchcraft riddle in MP's death - Daily Nation, 3rd May 2003.

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