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June 28, 2003

The end of freedom

This is my last post as a single person. Posting will be sporadic, or probably non-existent, for a few days.

Bargain of the Day: message in a bottle

I didn't think glass manufacture was this advanced 2000 years ago, but apparently we have here a Message In A Bottle from Jesus -Inspirational:

A Message In A Bottle from JESUS. 7-1/2" high green bottle with cork ... containing a message from JESUS CHRIST. Great gift or home decor item for powder room or guest room!

June 26, 2003

Afrikaner Israelism

South Africa: Racist Christian churches are gaining a foothold in South Africa among the more remote white communities. Their theology bears some similarity to British Israelism.

Although far from monolithic, the disparate cults or sects share a common belief that black majority rule is a punishment imposed on the Afrikaner people by God for disobedience, and that one day the white man will be returned to his rightful place as ruler. They see themselves as descendants of lost tribes of Israel, exiled to the region of present-day Iran and Iraq in 700 BC before migrating to Europe to become the white peoples of the world ordained to rule over all races.

But it has a uniquely South African perspective:

[Reverend Willie] Smith, who claims to have 30 congregations numbering about 6,000 worshippers, teaches that God chose whites to rule and forbade them to mix with the other races. But they abandoned God's word, and the ruling African National Congress was sent as a punishment.
We strayed from the teachings of the Bible, he said. Our leaders sold us out. They want us to mix with the other races. But it is not working. The other churches are preaching that you must love all. But we don't want that. We don't want to overthrow the Government. We have to wait for deliverance from the Lord.
We are suffering under this ANC-communist regime. We want blacks, coloureds and the other races to return to their traditions. If we rule, it will be a blessing for all of Africa.

Apartheid Cults On The Rise In South Africa - The Times (via The Statesman), 25th June 2003.

It's not just the Roman Catholic Church, no. 385666

Malaysia: Police have arrested a 'witch doctor' after he allegedly molested a female patient and ordered her to have sex with him to lift a spell which he said was causing her chest pains. Sex, lies and evil spells, News 24 - 26th June 2003.

Racist geniuses at work

United States: Two teenagers have been charged after they allegedly beat up a Hindu man they thought was Muslim.

Saurabh Bhalerao, 24, a Hindu from India and a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth was beaten, burned with cigarettes, hogtied, gagged and ultimately stabbed after delivering a pizza to a New Bedford address late Sunday night, Souza said.
The suspects originally intended to rob Bhalerao, but escalated their assault when they thought he was Muslim, then continued to beat him as he tried to explain that he was Hindu, the chief said.
He pleaded with his attackers, Souza said. They were using disparaging remarks ... and telling him he should go back to Iraq.
The suspects put the victim into the trunk of his own car and drove to Fairhaven. During the drive, Bhalerao managed to loosen his ropes. When the vehicle stopped he emerged from the trunk and hit one of his assailants on the chin with a hammer. The assailant then stabbed Bhalerao before fleeing, police said.

Two others could also face charges. Two men face civil rights violations for alleged beating of pizza delivery man - boston.com, 25th June 2003.

June 24, 2003

Sweet Dreams

June 23, 2003

Bargains of the Day: Christian RPG and CCG

Role-playing games are evil and the work of the Devil, so good Christians will not be interested in DragonRaid Adventure Learning System:

DragonRaid is an exciting experience in adventure simulation. More than just a game, it offers hours of enjoyment while teaching participants to resist sin, counter deceptive arguments, memorize Scripture, and build moral and spiritual character. The DragonRaid system encompasses many different adventures. On the mythical world of EdenAgain, players meet challenges that parallel real life. The imagined dangers compel them to grapple with conflicting values, discover how faith in Christ can shape behavior, and reflect on what is really worth living and dying for.

The professionally printed version includes:

New Player Briefing, Rulebook, LightRaider Handbook, Adventure Master manual, two adventures (The LightRaider Test and Rescue of the Sacred Scrolls) battle grids, playing pieces, dice, and instructional cassette tape

But RPGs are old hat now, so how about Redemption - a collectible card game and the #1 selling Christian Game in the world!. An associated product is the Redemption Board Game, with its rather exciting-sounding setting:

Traveling through the dark and desolate City of Bondage, Biblical Heroes are challenged to rescue the Lost Souls being held by the Evil Hordes who have overthrown the city. It is up to players to battle against these destructive forces and find a way to overcome this evil. Heroes must be prepared to fight, rescue or retreat as they encounter and battle the enemy. Complete with 100 beautifully illustrated playing cards which feature Lost Souls, Biblical Heroes and Evil Forces, combining to make this game a suspenseful adventure for even the most courageous!

From the horse's mouth

The BBC got a confused Wiccan to review the new Harry Potter book. So what did Marysia Kolodziej have to say about the 'real' magic in there?

All most of us will be talking about for the next few weeks will be this book, at least among my pagan friends, despite the fact there is very little crossover between the world of Harry Potter and the real world of wicca and witchcraft.
In this book the only relevant topics are divination classes and a brief discussion of life after death. Magic in Harry Potter is a science not an art, a fact not a philosophy or religion.
In fact there is very little religion at all in the books. But we can all see ourselves in the characters whether we are witches or not.

Harry Potter: The witch's view - BBC News, 23rd June 2003.

June 22, 2003

Unclear on the concept

Malaysia: The Israeli government has been behaving really shittily recently, and you want to make some kind of statement about it. You are in a privileged position as you work for the Prime Minister of your country, so what do you do? Do you ask him to throw in his support for international efforts towards brokering a peace deal? Do you suggest he apply whatever pressure he can to persuade the Israeli government to stick with what agreements had been made. Do you do both of the above? If you work for Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia, you distribute anti-semitic literature at your party's annual conference:

Officials of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's party gave out copies of U.S. industrialist Henry Ford's anti-semitic book The International Jew to delegates at their annual assembly on Saturday...
Party workers at the assembly's secretariat handed out free copies of an abridged version of Ford's book, translated into Bahasa Malay and published in Johannesburg.
The book, first published in the 1920s, also contained the Protocols of the Elders of Zion -- originally published in Russia in the early 20th century and used down the decades to peddle theories of an international Jewish conspiracy.

Mahathir's Party Hands Out Anti-Semitic Books - Reuters (via Yahoo! News), 21st June 2003.

June 21, 2003

Bargain of the Day: fibre optic church

Mystic Martha recommends this CHURCH--FIBER OPTIC--SIMPLY MARVELOUS-L@@K for all modern, stylish Christian homes.


A quiet day

You'd never know, if I didn't tell you. There's a new Harry Potter book out apparently.

For some, the choice of the Summer Solstice as a release date is terribly significant. The anonymous 'New World Order' posted NEW WORLD ORDER - Occult Revival: to several Christian groups and observes

The release date for the latest Harry Potter novel, The Order of the Phoenix, was set for the day of the Summer Solstice, the 21st June 2003 - a crucial date in the REAL occult calendar. This is no coincidence

And instead of doing all that tedious study, it seems you can now become an initiate by reading Harry Potter and certain well-known works of comic fantasy.

You may have been initiated into the occult Outer Mysteries without even knowing it! The genuine mythology and references to the occult in Harry Potter and the Discworld novels are designed to start you on path to illumination - in the same way that the parables of Jesus and the Pagan Sages concealed deeper Inner Mysteries for the initiated.

Others appear not to have noticed, and have assumed all those evil witches are celebrating the launch of the book. Take kcaj, who asked the denizens of alt.conspiracy Druid Luciferians At Stonehenge? A Coincidence Potter's Book Released On Same Day?:

I don't think so. Luciferians use books like this to entice people to become satanists like them. Look how many innocent kids will now become innocently involved and have now entered into the broad gate. A gate their parents many times led them through like little sheep. Many times the adults are the main ones reading the luciferian tripe. Little innocent Harry who casts satanic spells to fight the bad guys and help people. In this book there is no black and white. There is no good and bad because the historically bad guys, the wizard-warlocks and witches, have become the good guys. Good little horned Harry with his little, cute warlock horns growing out of the back of his head.

My article Harry Potter and the Fundamentalist's Mind includes the shocking discovery of a book in Edinburgh's public library system which contains all the 'real' magic and mythology in the Harry Potter books.

June 18, 2003

Bargain of the Day: wooden spoon

Today we have a wooden spoon for you. But it's not your ordinary wooden spoon, it a WICCA/PAGAN SPELL SPOON w/RUNES.

This is a handcrafted spell spoon with runes burned into the wood. This spoon measures 18" in length. It can be used for stirring herbs and other mixes in your spell works. For this reason we have not used any chemicals that can be harmful in creating this spoon. It can also be hung in the kitchen as a symbol of protection. If you choose we will finish it with a stain and sealant. Please note shipping will be delayed if you choose this. This is hand made and one of a kind.

This item has not been used and has been cleansed.


Des Moines, Iowa, United States: Westboro Baptist Church, home of arch-homophobe Fred Phelps has offered a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a queerbasher who broke a gay man's leg and then forced him to say that he would seek God's forgiveness for being gay. No, it's not April Fools' Day. The attack took place on the same day as Phelps and friends were in Des Moines picketing a school, and is thought to have been inspired by them. Among platitudes such as A crime is a crime. Two wrongs don't make a right. and assurances that the Church does not condone violence, representative Shirley Phelps-Roper let slip the real reason they are confident to offer the reward: they think the pooves are lying and the attack never took place. Is Phelps going soft on gays?Gay.com News, 18th June 2003.

Bits and pieces

Patrick Neilsen Hayden comments on religious censorship, and how it doesn't always come from where you expect. In a related matter, some religious conservatives claim that tolerance of homosexuality contributes to the rising divorce rate, so Avram Grumer took a look at US divorce statistics for the last 25 years or so.

If these figures are accurate ... the divorce rate seems to have peaked a little more than twenty years ago, and been steadily decreasing ever since. The rate in 2001 was actually lower than it was thirty years ago!

Why could this be, and what does it have to do with gay rights anyway?

Hey, maybe gay rights are actually good for heterosexual marriages. As society becomes more tolerant of homosexuality, you'll get fewer young gays marrying the opposite sex in attempts to deny their natural sexualities, and therefore fewer marriages that wind up breaking down later on under the pressure of living those lies.

June 16, 2003

Bargain of the Day: velvet Jesus

Today we have a classic Jesus Christ Velvet 1979 KITSCH Painting


We hit the jackpot and found this old image in the back of the warehouse. WOW!!

This is a Fabulous Velvet Jesus Christ Painting! Made in 1979!!!!

This lovely hand painted picture of Jesus is on soft deep rich velvet.

If you love Jesus or know someone who does, this is a MUST HAVE for any collector. GREAT GIFT, THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!

  • It features:
  • Collectors Item from 1979
  • Jesus is shown kneeling and praying outside with a beam of light shining his halo
  • White, Gold, Orange, Red, Blue and Brown in color
  • Fine ART
  • Individually hand painted
  • Painted on soft deep rich velvet which is stretched over wood backing
  • Item measures 12" X 16"
  • VERY limited #, no two alike

But what if this vintage item isn't quite to your taste? Well, worry not as the vendors apparently have a time machine.

**PLEASE email us for other sizes and colors (custom order)

We can create a special eBay auction, upon request,


The vendors are also reported to be sitting on a stockpile of exclamation marks and asterisks, and might be auctioning off job lots of surplus punctuation in the near future.

Gay is the new black

In today's Grauniad, Gary Younge examines the politics of homophobia in the US and how the influence of religious fundamentalists (or 'Christianists', to use a recently-coined term) in the Republican party is keeping them completely out of touch with mainstream opinion.

Moreover, the ramifications of scapegoating lesbians and gays would go way beyond the actual gay voters - who according to the gay advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign, comprise just 5% of the electorate. A Republican party that is mean to a few is widely regarded as having the potential to be mean to the many. The issue of sexual orientation may not be as explosive a touchstone as race, but a homophobic campaign would attract few new voters and repel many - particularly among moderates, women and the young. The issue of gay marriage is incredibly divisive. Polls show that while most Americans (51%) are against it, more than a third - a large proportion of whom are women - support it.
The response to last weekend's lingering televised kiss between Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, two gay winners of the Tony awards, also suggests political culture is lagging way behind popular culture. I love this man, said Shaiman. We're not allowed to get married in this world ... But I'd like to declare, in front of all these people, I love you and I'd like to live with you the rest of my life. The audience cheered. Of the 8 million viewers there were just 10 phone calls and 68 emails containing negative feedback.

Gay is the new black - The Guardian, 16th June 2003.

Must be Pagan then...

The Canadian edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be printed on 100% recycled paper. As J.K. Rowling herself said:

The forest at Hogwarts is home to magical creatures like unicorns and centaurs. Because the Canadian editions are printed on Ancient Forest Friendly paper, the Harry Potter books are helping to save magnificent forests in the muggle world, the home of magical animals such as orangutans, wolves and bears. It is a good idea to respect ancient trees, especially if they have a temper like the Whomping Willow.

Ancient Forest Friendly - Raincoast Books web site (via BoingBoing).

June 15, 2003

The First Amendment and The First Commandment

A bill recently passed by the US House of Representatives to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States, is not only unconstitutional, but against the avowed religion of most of the lawmakers themselves according to Andrew Reding.

There is an obvious irony in responding to a threat to freedom by restricting freedom. But it is not just the First Amendment that is under assault. So is the First Commandment of the Jewish and Christian faiths, and the First Pillar of the Muslim faith.
By elevating the flag to an object of transcendent veneration -- an untouchable idol -- the proposed amendment strikes at the core of Jewish, Muslim and Christian belief systems.

And there are other worrying implications, too.

The great danger of turning the symbol of a nation-state into a sacred object is that it implicitly deifies the nation-state itself. The Pledge of Allegiance is taken to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands. If the mere symbol of the state is made sacred, surely the state itself must be sacred. The right to protest the actions of government is placed on shaky ground.

Flag Amendment Violates 10 Commandments, Not Just Free Speech - Pacific News Service, 12th June 2003. (via Patrick Neilsen Hayden)

June 14, 2003

Bargain of the Day: shell Jesus

It is not often that the vendor is themselves sarcastic about their offering, but the person selling this Jesus Christ Sea Shell Figurine is clearly aware of its nature:

La Madda Pena Uniquely trashy Jesus Christ figure on a cross beautifully hand crafted out of sea shells. Yes you could be the owner of this wonderful 8 1/2" high figure of the messiah. Put it on your computer to ward off evil spirits.

With five days to go, the bidding currently stands at a mere £1.

June 13, 2003

Nessie fails to pay attention to Kev.

United Kingdom: Kevin Carlyon has admitted, in a roundabout way, that his spells aren't very effective. Two years ago, the English self-styled witch king cast a spell to scare off Nessie, and now he claims he has reversed it so that Nessie will be seen again. But even he notes there have been very few sightings over the last couple of years (i.e. just as many as usual), so it doesn't look as if Nessie paid much attention to his garbled ritual.

During Friday's ceremony, Carlyon said he cast a talisman into the loch -- a flat stone inscribed with ancient Nordic runes and witchcraft symbols -- while chanting the incantation: Let Nessie be free, may her spirit be free, so may it be.

The BBC gives more details:

On Friday, Mr Carlyon, a former wrestler, strode around the four cardinal compass points at the loch and called on the elements of earth, air, fire and water to use their powers to let Nessie surface to safety...

...The white witch also threw a lump of iron ore into the water which came from Hastings.

The rock carried runic symbols of peace as well as Latin words which he said meant surface and to be safe.

The reports neglect to mention whether he ascribed any great Pagan significance to his chosen date -- Friday 13th. Witch to Loch Ness Monster: 'Don't Be Shy' Reuters, 13th June 2003; Spells cast to lure monsterBBC News, 13th June 2003.

June 12, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Tambourine

Was this Star of David Tambourine designed for a Jewish version of the Salvation Army?

Hand-crafted oak Star of David tambourine Measures 12" x 14" x 1 1/2" With 12 pair of jingles And 12 stones in colors representing the 12 tribes of Israel Also Ribbons in blue, purple, silver

Throwing the Kukeri book

Bulgaria: Traditional masked dancers are a venerable tradition in Bulgaria:

THE Bulgarian tradition of masked dancers known as Kukeri dates back centuries to pagan times and each year hundreds of groups of masked men visit the homes of villages throughout the country to perform ritual dances for the occupants' health and well-being.

But there are problems:

The masks are judged by festival juries on their presentation and arrangement and, though most regions rely on the furs and feathers of domestic animals and birds, the Durrel Wild Fauna Protection and Support Centre noted the disturbing phenomenon of villagers from the Pernik, Radomir, and Breznik regions increasingly using rare and protected bird and animal species to decorate their masks.

The authorities have started an awareness campaign, and also a competition for masks which do not use endangered species, and festival organisers are on the side of the conservationists. The article offers lots of information on a fascinating tradition as well. Eco Echo - Unmasking the Kukeri - The Sofia Echo, 12th June 2003.

June 11, 2003

Church pays up for abuse

Kentucky, United States: The Roman Catholic Church has agreed to pay over $25m in compensation to 243 alleged victims of child sex abuse. The Archbishop of the Louisville archdiocese also apologised, saying no child should ever have experienced what happened to you. I promise we are doing everything possible to prevent child abuse in the church. I apologize again for what we did or failed to do that led to your abuse. Huge payout for sexual abuse victims - The Guardian, 11th June 2003.

June 10, 2003

Bargain of the Day: praying doll

Have you gone forth and multiplied, and have run out of ideas of how to entertain your many children? Perhaps this Bx of 12 Sweet Faith Talking Praying 14inDoll will help.

A great money making item, or buy for charitable gifts, 3 styles of dolls, Brunette, blonde, or Black Afro Amer version. Sold in solid case of 12, of blonde or brunette or black, your choice. Sweet Faith battery operated talking Praying doll. 14 inches tall, Soft body, rooted hair, vinyl hands and face, Painted eyes. takes 2 AA batteries,(batteries extra) beautiful dress, comes with hair comb and instructions and little hang tag card. Hold her hands together and she says: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep,Guide and guard me through the night and wake me with the morning's light, Amen. Comes in a plastic bag, no box, the boxed version sold for 19.99 each or more but these have no gift box, excellent gift item, excellent item for charities to give to needy kids, excellent store resale item, could sell for 12.99 or more, by the dozen they will be 2.00 each or 24.00 a dozen. we show in the picture all 3 styles available, this auction is for (1) case of 12 of your choice doll. New, in fresh plastic bag, factory sealed, never been opened. Battery installation is very easy. This is a true closeout on a high quality item. Made by DSI toys a very large toy Co. and they have a 800 number for any questions, or problems.They all work great

Today in History

Salem, Massachusetts: The first execution in the Salem Witch Trials took place on 10th June 1692, when Bridget Bishop was hanged. Religion History for Tuesday, June 10, 2003 - CNSNews.com Religion News, 10th June 2003.

The rising cost of souls

India: Several Indian states have recently passed laws banning forcible religious conversions, which includes bribery. Christian groups have been among the loudest protestors, which makes one wonder why they feel they cannot get new believers of their own free will. Commenting on the situation in the Newindpress on Sunday, S Gurumurthy has uncovered some interesting figures:

Evangelical literature distributed is in billions. Presently the tally is 4.7 billion scriptures, 187 million Bibles, 5 million booklets, 120000 Mission literatures, 38000 periodicals and 18000 articles. By 2025 this will increase to 8 billion scriptures, 430 million Bibles, 12 million booklets, 195000 Mission literatures, 100000 periodicals, and 80000 articles. The bible density of 1460 millions will increase to 2280 millions. The Church-run Radio and TV stations of 4050 will increase to 5400. This largest information and communication network in the world will become even larger. Even as he should be proud of this huge conquering apparatus, the Pope has his concerns too. Like the rising cost of head hunting for God. Today it costs $349,000, hold your breath, Rs 1.55 crores, to turn a pagan to Christianity. This too will increase to $650,000, that is, again hold your breath, Rs 3.05 crores per head, repeat per head, by 2025!

Note: 1 crore is equal to 10 million and 1 lakh is equal to 100 thousand in the traditional numbering system still widely used in India. See this Wikipedia article on Indian numerals for more information. He is upset. Understandably - Newindpress on Sunday, 8th June 2003.

June 8, 2003

Better toss out Jesus too.

United States: A New York church which rented out space to a synagogue has chucked out its tenants, apparently after threats from a Muslim extremist.

Rabbi Bruce L. Cohen - who was forced to perform a bar mitzvah at his home yesterday after being shut out of Rock Church at 153 E. 62nd St. - said one reason a church official gave him for evicting Congregation Beth-El of Manhattan Messianic Synagogue was because an Arab-looking man had threatened the church to get rid of the Jews - or else.
We think it's morally reprehensible that they said, 'Get rid of the Jews,' and the church just said, 'OK,' Cohen said. It would have been a better example if the Christians had said, 'Over our dead bodies.'

'Terror Threats' put Jews on Street - New York Post, 8th June 2003.

Little Blue Soccer Balls

Avedon led me to this amusing satire on religious hyposcrisy and terrorism in the United States.

Bizarre incident blamed on 'witchcraft'

South Africa: Witchcraft has been blamed for the death of a baby whose skull was ripped apart and brain eaten by a baboon. Reports of the incident have been full of fascinating detail about witchcraft beliefs in the area:

Petrus Malgas, who tried to help rescue little Neo, told City Press that when he and other neighbours threw stones at the baboon, it climbed up the telephone pole and ate the child's brain before it fled into the bush.
Saomeng Phalatse of Sekhing said the whole episode boiled down to witchcraft, because it was unheard of that a baboon would eat a human being.
Although some people with western beliefs do not believe it, we know for a fact that African chemistry works in these areas.
A few years ago in Taung an inyanga, through her medicines, caused a young man to find himself with his bed and all on the top of his roof.
The incident was even shown on Bop TV. Why should we not believe Tukane was bewitched? said Gomotseng Badirwang, clutching her two-month-old baby.

Witchcraft, says baby's mom - News24, 8th June 2003.

Unknown substance abuse

A football match between Rwanda and Uganda was halted for 25 minutes after it was claimed the Rwandan goalkeeper tried to cast a spell to influence the game.

But before the goal there was serious controversy after Mossi lit an unknown substance in his goal.
Uganda's players tried to remove it, but Rwanda's refused to let them.
An ugly fight - involving both players and officials - ensued.

Rwanda eventually won 1-0, a result nearly as unlikely as Scotland's glorious draw against Germany yesterday. Controversy mars Rwanda win - BBC Sport, 7th June 2003.

Bargain of the Day: ghost in a lightbulb

I suspect today's bargain is a joke: Ghost Trapped in a Light Bulb, not in a Jar:

Up for auction is a unique and mysterious light bulb containing something from beyond. Call it a ghost, poltergyst, hoax if you will, but this is the real thing, I swear! Once this lightbulb was very ordinary, but then a spirit from the dead came to reside in it. With a blinding flash, this ghost took over the light bulb and masked the bulb's 100 watt luminescent power forever. Some people may tell you it's just a burnt out bulb, but believe me, it is much more, I know. Remember, ghosts are invisible, that's why you can't see it in there. Also, when you shake the bulb you agitate the ghost and you will hear him rattle his chains at you. Many strange things have happened since this bulb has become the eternal resting place of the spirit, but they are so strange and mysterious I cannot share them with you. Some people have suggested just thowing the bulb away or breaking it to release the ghost within. I warn you now, this bulb comes with a curse. Should the bulb ever break, the ghost inside will release a small amount of harmless, inert gas(most likely Argon) into the vicinity of the guilty party. I know the bidding starts rather high, but I am not being completely greedy, I'm being thoughful too. I am simply trying to keep you from bidding so you do not have to accept the burden and responsibility of owning a ghost who was trapped in a light bulb.

The incredibly high starting price is 99 cents (US - about 66p) and this search reveals far too much Ghost in a Jar ephemera.

June 4, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Ark fountain, water not supplied

This Noahs Ark Musical Water Fountain is similar, design-wise, to the two Noah's Ark items offered yesterday:

Up for auction is a beautifully crafted Noah's Ark Musical Water Fountain. You fill the base with water, and turn the switch on and the water comes out of a small lip below the ark and trickles back down into the base. You can also run the water & music at the same time.

The picture shows all the detailed animals, plants and sea life that are crafted and painted on the fountain. A beautiful piece for any children's room, bedroom, or as a centerpiece on a mantle, shelf or coffee table. This is a heavy item, but it will be carefully packaged and sent securely to your home!!

Silver lining to anti-terror paranoia

Florida, United States: The airspace over Walt Disney World has recently become a no-fly zone because of terrorism fears, much to the disgust of an extremist Christian group who are going to court to try and get it overturned. Why? They want to be able to fly over the resort in a plane towing a message promoting their homophobic web site during the forthcoming 'Gay Days' - a private event at the theme park. Christian Group Wants Disney's No-Fly Zone Down For Gay Days - local6.com, 3rd June 2003 (via Metafilter).

June 3, 2003

Bargains of the Day: various clocks and watches

Trouble getting up in the morning? How about this Holy Bible Musical Alarm Clock?

Start your day with the inspirational sound of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus, instead of a standard alarm. The clock face lights up when the chorus sounds. Closes flat to travel. Uses 2, AA batteries (not included). Plastic, 5 1/2"H x 4"W x 1 3/4"D.

Too tasteful for you? Perhaps this Jesus In Our Heart clock is more your style:

Up for bid is another beautiful clock and sure to make a bold statement.Beautiful oak wood and finish.Measurements are 9"W x 6"H on a nice base.Clock is scroll sawed. The brightness on the clock and wood is from glare from light.It is as beaitiful on left side as is right side.Thank you for looking and happy bidding.

The Praying Hands clock, from the same vendor, is similarly stylish.

Other tasteful timepieces available at the moment include: 3D VIRGIN MARY PICTURE FRAME WITH CLOCK, a stunning ~ Noah's Ark ~ Premium Pendulum Clock, a Noah's Ark Clock and Night Light Set and this remarkable SACRED HEART OF JESUS MENS WATCH, that comes with a free gift - a Padre Pio "Counsels & Exhortations" booklet.

Now you can think of Our Lord every time you check the time. This is a beautiful and inspiring watch you can wear for any occasion. It is a great way to confess and spread your faith. Every time you look at this watch it can remind you to say a little prayer Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy us. Wouldn't this make a great gift? (BRAND NEW)

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