July 16, 2003

Bugger that for a game of soldiers

The Organisation Formerly Known as the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association has accused broadcasters and film producers of normalising bad language, and they don't mean poor grammar and spelling. Showing a strange devotion to duty, they complain that the word fuck (which they quaintly refer to as the F-word) was used almost 1500 times on terrestrial television during the first half of 2003, which makes a stunning average of 1.6 times per channel per night. With only a couple of exceptions, one of which was news, the shitty language was broadcast late at night. Swearing was unknown before television was invented. TV swearing 'promotes grunt culture' - BBC News, 16th July 2003.


Good thing these people are keeping occupied. If they were let out, they might be dangerous.

I don't particularly agree with compulsory swearing in children's programmes but judging by most of the foul-mouthed little tykes nowadays, they don't need any help from TV.

Just goes to prove what I always believed: James Brown is of the Devil! "Breakin' out in a cold sweat! Huuuuunnnnnh!"

Mmmm, stunning. lol. Good grief! I wonder who they had count them?

The "F-word"? Is that something to do with S-E-*draws X shape in the air with finger*?

Looks like the spirit of Desiree Carthorse lives on.

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