August 17, 2003

A Mars a day

The close proximity of the planet Mars continues to provide entertainment. Neil Lark, a retired professor of physics and astronomy at University of the Pacific, told a local newspaper in Stockton, California:

Misguided wonderment over Mars isn't relegated to the history books, Lark said. During a recent sighting, a resident called Lark convinced the bright orb hovering over Stockton was an alien space ship. Lark did his best to calm the worried caller, saying the space ship was actually Mars.
He was sure this was a UFO, Lark said.

Later in the article, astrologer MerriAnn Messenger warns:

The Earth's proximity to Mars -- the God of War -- is raising testosterone levels and stirring the blood in everybody from terrorists to sharks, she said. She charges Mars with leading President Bush and U.S. troops into another war-torn country, Liberia.
And Mars is entering the constellation of Pisces, which symbolizes water, health and institutions such as hospitals. The aggression of Mars combined with Pisces explains the recent strikes at San Joaquin General Hospital, Messenger said.

Closer, brighter, always fascinating - RecordNET, 17th August 2003.

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