August 12, 2003

No mention of aliens...

Iraq: A man claiming to be Saddam Hussein's personal sorcerer has come out of the woodwork and announced that the former leader is still alive, but will be found dead in Dhuluaiyah, a village 55 miles north of Baghdad. He also has some other interesting revelations:

According to the magician and several others interviewed in Baghdad, Saddam was a firm believer in magic, and even applied himself, with modest success, to studying the sands and summoning genies.
He consulted frequently with two magicians from Iraq, one from Turkey, one from India, a French Arab and a beautiful Jewish witch from Morocco, the wizard says.
Saddam is still protected, he says, by a pair of golden statues imbued with magic. The deposed president speaks daily with the king and queen of genies - the same ones who provided the information on his whereabouts.

Saddam will be found dead, says 'personal wizard' - Ireland Online, 12th August 2003.

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One of Saddam's personal wizards has been spilling the beans on Saddam's interest in the mystical and magical. The mage predicts that Saddam will be found and will be dead. Wonder if we can convince this guy to summon a... Read More

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What do you mean, dead? Isn't he alive and well and living in Saudi Arabia? The WMD's are in Syria, and his family are living in a ranch in Texas. Rich family, begins with a B...

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