September 21, 2003

Christian spell doesn't work

United States: Pat Robertson recently urged his followers to cast a spell, sorry, pray in the name of Jesus to turn Hurricane Isabel away.

On today's broadcast of The 700 Club, Robertson gave God credit for turning past hurricanes away in response to prayer.

Praying in the name of Jesus, Robertson said he believes that God will put up a wall of protection.

He added that he and those praying with him command this storm to go out into the sea and to pass land harmlessly.

Robertson has a history of blaming disasters on the behaviour of the people affected, and claiming that they are punishments from God for 'crimes' such as tolerance of homosexuality. As Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell observes:

Remember when Pat Robertson suggested that gay-pride flags in Orlando might incur God's wrath in the form of a storm? How odd, since Isabel is now heading toward Virginia Beach -- where Pat is.

Pat Robertson prays that Hurricane Isabel will turn awayHampton Roads NewsChannel 3, 17th September 2003 (via Stageleft—scroll down to find the story if you appear to have a blank right column—the layout is hosed); Taking Names: Hurricane IsabelOrlando Sentinel, 18th September 2003.


Yes, he failed, but to his like even failure is success. As I've mentioned they've always got the fall-back positions of "divine will" and "part of the master plan" to haul out and dust off.

Yes, but no one ever mentions the reason why Pat started praying away hurricanes in the first place. Mainly, it was to tick off followers of Edgar Cayce, a mid-century Christian mystic who used to go into trances and then come back with bizarre diagnoses of illnesses for his followers. Cayce seems to have been a mostly harmless nut, gaining attention only through a few odd magazine articles in the forties. But he set up shop in Virginia Beach, founding a hospital, all they while prophesying that no hurricane would ever hit Virginia Beach again. Although Cayce was a Christian himself, he appears not to be the kind Pat likes, and indeed a sort of hippie new-age commune has sprung up around Cayce's legacy, making Virginia Beach home not only to Pat's Family Channel but to the Association for Research and Enlightenment, which engages in just the sort of crystal-channeling, wide-eyed tolerance of all paths to spirituality that makes Pat go mad. They have C.S. Lewis in their bookstore, though, which you'd think even Pat could get behind. They're equal opportunity spiritualists.

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