November 25, 2003

Interview with the vampire

Pravda has published a interview with a real-life vampire, assuring us that Vampirism is not merely an overused banality from horror movies, but a real disease. Usually genetically inherited, it can develop because of alcohol abuse. 53-year-old Vasily Gembitskiy turned to alcohol, and then blood, when his wife died:

I loved loneliness and the night sky from my childhood, and when the wife died a strong reason for that appeared. The soul's tortures were soothed by vodka first. Then a brake came: the spirits hurt my stomach, sometimes I lost consciousness, and then my eyes and all the skin felt like burning for a few days. I jumped to bed and spent 2-3 days not going out of home. Only hunger could make me think again. On one of such days, the neighbor asked me to help with a pig. When I saw warm blood, an idea came: "Why not try this? Maybe it'll give some strength?", and I swallowed some. It tasted like good wine. I became attracted, recalls Vasily.

And if you are worried that you might be a vampire yourself, there is a simple test provided by the Vampire Research Center:

Are you skinny?
Is your face pale?
You often wear sunglasses and use sunburn protection cream?
You prefer candles to electric light?
Are you tolerant to temperature changes?
You look much younger than your age?
You have a deep, magnetizing look?
You are rarely ill, avoid medicines?
Do you judge smokers and drug users?
Do you like night-time loneliness?
Do you like raw meat?
You are not interested in sex much?
You like occult sciences?
You like dressing in black?

The more positive answers you give, the more likely it is you are a bloodsucker. From the life of provincial vampires - Pravda, 24th November 2003.

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He is Russian and got sick of vodka so switched to blood, as you do. This as opposed to an interview with someone about vampirism... ie me.... Read More

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Hey, well I can't believe what I just read! I'm actually a vampire. Thats really scary.

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