December 16, 2003

I Was a Tool of Satan

United States: The life of a political cartoonist is fraught with the perils of fending off attacks from thin-skinned fundies with way too much time on their hands. Doug Marlette discusses the latest influx of affronted loonies as well as battles past.

Jim Bakker finally resigned in disgrace from his PTL ministry, and I drew a cartoon of the televangelist who replaced him, Jerry Falwell, as a serpent slithering into PTL paradise: Jim and Tammy were expelled from paradise and left me in charge.

One of the many angry readers who called me at the newspaper said, You're a tool of Satan.

Excuse me?

You're a tool of Satan for that cartoon you drew.

That's impossible, I said. I couldn't be a tool of Satan. The Charlotte Observer's personnel department tests for that sort of thing.

Confused silence on the other end.

They try to screen for tools of Satan, I explained. Knight Ridder human resources has a strict policy against hiring tools of Satan.


I Was a Tool of Satan — An Equal-Opportunity Offender Maps the Dark Turn of IntoleranceColumbia Journalism Review, November/December 2003.

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PP has all the skinny on those who think that Jesus is Hitler, the fact God is sueing over copywrite and that Knight-Ridder has a policy of not hiring tools of Satan.... Read More


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