March 3, 2004

Culture corner

Orcinus has republished a review of The Passion of the Christ as a series of 40 points. Here are just a few of them:

2) The film is only anti-Semitic if you consider it anti-Semitic to portray Jews as an unruly crowd of evil, hook-nosed Christ killers.
9) Keeping children away from the ultra-violence and subversive messages of films such as Harry Potter and Saturday morning cartoons is a good thing. Exposing them to the long, slow, bloody, torturous death of the Savior of all mankind is also a good thing. Go figure.
14) A little known fact: Jesus must have been a hemophiliac. Because near as I can tell, his blood never coagulates.
25) Filming the movie with the dialogue in ancient, dead languages may at first seem pretentious. But it helps convey the documentary-nature of the film the best. And you can have a crowd of Jews chant about Jesus' death being on the heads of them and their children forever without having to actually put the words up on the screen. That isn't anti-Semitic either.
36) Watching blood geyser into the air and splatter over everything in Kill Bill was too much gore. Watching blood geyser into the air and splatter over everything in The Passion of The Christ was just right. Coincidentally, almost the exact same amount of fake blood was used in the filming of both movies.


If you find THE PASSION too violent, I recommend you go find one of the fine old Jesus movies that Gibson unfairly called "cheesy" in an interview.

See KING OF KINGS (1961) Directed by Nicholas Ray (who also made REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE). Contains one of the best Sermon on the Mount scenes ever... should be seen especially by people who go around hating their fellow men (or themselves).


Dunno, I'm not really a fan of fantasy though Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away were both excellent. The former, in particular, had well-developed characters, none of whom were either all good, or all bad--even the ones portrayed as gods. I'm sure Red Wolf would appreciate Moro.

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