April 16, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Bill Stross collectibles

You can find some interesting sites while looking for something completely different. Inspirations Catholic/Christian Gifts and Books claims We offer a wide selection to inspire spiritual growth and beautiful gift solutions to celebrate life's special moments!!, which sounds like a site full of delightful bargains to me. Of particular interest, is the page of 'collectibles' by one Bill Stross (presumably not related) - a collection of sculptures featuring cute kids and their equally saccharine guardian angels. Each is accompanied by an explanation by the artist:

When m wife and I took our two boys into bed at night, I hear echoes of myself as a child in their whispers, Please make sure there are no monsters under the bed. There's nothing to be afraid of, the Angels are watching over you. They nod off to sleep with a simple smile, comforted in that promise. The innocent fears of a child remind me that there really is nothing to be afraid of in life! He's way bigger than the Boogie Man.

Scroll down for other ranges of angel delight.


> (presumably not related)

Well, if I were Charlie and I'd have created these, I would have changed my name sharpish. Come to think of it I would had I been Bill. Ugh!

(via LiveJournal)

I should know better than to look at these links. Now I think I'll be off to have my eyes removed.

This is what came second. And I've just spotted something very entertaining, and it's after midnight...

Just when I think you can't find anything tackier, you dig up religious polar fleece rugs.

Is it a bigger sin to walk upon the religious text or to buy something that hideous?

I am but an amateur. One of the highlights of the trip to Blackpool took place in the hotel bar. I met an Australian woman who has the perfect eye for tourist tat. Why? Because her brother collects it, and wherever she goes, she seeks out a gift for him. She was showing off her purchase - a 24k gold-plated Blackpool Tower about 20cm high, with big lumps of Austrian crystal hanging from it. Quality tat. She commented "If Austria ever finds out what Blackpool is doing with their lovely crystal...".

I do regret not buying the laser crystal thing, with the Twin Towers, Jesus and the Stars and Stripes etched into it, that I saw in New York.

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