April 17, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Evangelical magic trick

I thought magic, even pretend magic, was forbidden by the Bible, but it seems it must be okay to use it to evangelise at particularly gullible and stupid people if this Ten Commandment Rating Pen is anything to go by:

Description: The Trick's Purpose for unsaved a Non-Christian: Too get the spectator's interest and present the gospel using the WDJD What Did Jesus Do method of evangelism using the ten commandments taught by Living Waters Ministries. Training CD included Hell's Best Kept Secret - taught by Kirk Cameron from the Left Behind movies. Included also is a routine for the Christian audience that reminds them that in Christ they are a perfect.
The 1st Performance: Begin by borrowing a bill from spectator or (use a track like the Jesus bill we included), let them mark the bill, take the bill and stab the pen right through the bill, pull the pen from the bill, hand the bill and pen back to the spectator to inspect, (There is No hole in bill and the pen appears completely normal.
2nd Performance What they see: You begin by showing the pen in left hand and a dime and penny in left hand. You place dime in their hand and ask them to make a fist around this coin. Then you place a penny on top of their fist and tap the penny with your analysis pen and instantly the penny and dime switch places.
Instructions on how to perform and what to say are included. Both performances are simple and easy to do and take only 10 minutes to learn each routine.

It's an interesting message and perfect for convincing the infidel that Christianity is nothing but an inane trick.

Update: Here's a whole catalogue of evangelical conjuring tricks!

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Ah.. so that's how it's done.. I always thought they put LSD in those wineglasses that they pass around the church-stadium. Or maybe it is both.

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