May 25, 2004

Calling All Qualified Sorcerers

Niger: Considering the targets, scantily-clad women enjoying the nightlife, I think the local marabouts have hit the nail on the head. They claim the evil spirits are nothing more than conmen, but the mayor isn't taking chances.

The mayor of Niger's capital has ordered qualified sorcerers to chase away evil spirits reported to be making terrifying appearances at night.
Nightlife lovers in Niamey have repeatedly complained of a woman who appears from nowhere, curses and threatens them before vanishing as if she had evaporated. Young women in skimpy outfits have been particular targets for the evil spirits.
Given the rumor which has been circulating for at least three weeks now of strange apparitions stalking people, notably young women, I have ordered all the elderly chiefs of Niamey to resort to the traditional sacrifices, with qualified people, to stop this curse, Niamey Mayor Jules Oguet said Monday.
Animist beliefs and witchcraft are widespread in West Africa and sorcerers often have a big influence on their communities.
People should be reassured: if there are any evil spirits, they will be dealt with, the mayor told radio station R & M.
Some local marabouts — Muslim religious leaders who are often credited with magical powers — have dismissed the apparitions as conmen trying to extort money from frightened people, but Oguet was taking no chances.
Niger, where the majority of the population is Muslim, is one of the poorest countries on earth.

Mayor Tells Sorcerers to Banish Evil Spirits - Reuters, 24th May 2004 (via Die Puny Humans).

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