May 20, 2004

Virtual Devils Curse Internet Church

United Kingdom: The Web-based Church of Fools, an online role playing game that encourages members to part with donations for the collection plate (just like the real thing), is having trouble with some virtual parishioners.

The world's first Internet church has fallen victim to a plague of virtual demons, some of whom have been logging on as Satan and unleashing strings of expletives during sermons.
The Church of Fools was launched last week as a unique chance for Christians to worship interactively by choosing a 3D animated character who could kneel, sing hymns, talk to others, hear a sermon, or shout Hallelujah.

The site attracts between 5,000 and 10,000 worshippers daily and those who log on can also give money to a collection plate via mobile phone.

But the temptation to misbehave has proved too much for some.

We have had problems from a small number of worshippers, which happens in any Internet chat room, and we are bothered about individual harassment, which we are taking seriously, said the site's deputy editor, Stephen Goddard.

We're increasing security day by day to eliminate the disruptive behaviour, such as the profanity, but we're determined to carry on... At least we're not preaching to the converted, he added.

The Church, sponsored by the Methodist Church but organized by the multi-denominational Ship of Fools project, said it had removed a shout function where people could speak to the whole congregation. Some were using it to hurl abuse or yell: Satan loves you.

The pulpit, altar and lectern areas will be closed to the public after some worshippers walked their animated character into those areas during sermons.

But the strongest measure against the unruly will be the online equivalent of damnation: wardens will be able to smite the wicked by instantly logging them out of the church if they misbehave.

In a way, we are facing the same problems faced by the first preachers who met resistance when they moved into new communities, said Goddard.

But the church has always expanded into new communities and some of those are to be found in cyberspace now, so we are determined to carry on.

Cyber-Satans plague online churchReuters, 19th May 2004.

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What exactly did these people expect?! I wonder if they realise how many God-botherers of all ilks invade Pagan mailing lists and newsgroups only to harangue members.... Read More

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i want to serve the devil what ever it takes

i want to belong to the most group on eart that is the most strongest so that know one can touch me.

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