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July 3, 2004

Fundie suspected in temple vandalism

by Feòrag

India: A Hindu temple in Chennai has been desecrated, and the prime suspects are a Christian group which has been engaged in a long campaign of harassment against the temple. A statue was smashed and two others damaged, and a sari decorating the first statue torn up and strewn over a bush. The allegedly Christian group has some very odd practices, though:

The Periamalai area was already sitting on a communal powder keg due to the confrontational and provocative attitude of a Pentecost group that specifically targetted the local Balamurugan temple. The group, which used to be very active on full-moon nights (yesterday was one), has a history of creating trouble for those coming to worship at the temple.

The residents had made several complaints that the cult group had chosen the place to carry out their brazen expansion activities 12 churches have come up in the last few years within the small circumference of Pallavaram.

The religious group also used to gather up at Periamalai (a small hillock) regularly and shout out taunting remarks at Hindus and openly deride Hindu Gods.

Locals say the Christians brought in women, who were purportedly Hindus, and then asked them to throw their mettis and thalis into a fire.

Idol found smashed in suburb templeNews Today, 3rd July 2004.

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4 responses

How come this blog never mocks and derides Jewish fundamentalism? Just wondering . . .

There's a simple reason why articles such as Rebuilding the Berlin Wall around the Torah (and its follow-ups), Rabbi full of hot air, Trainspotting or Public Transport And A Bag Of Lard, have never appeared here.

It's why Bargain of the Day has never ever featured anything like the Harvey Magila Doll, which was never part of a whole series of features on Jewish tat around that time. Nor has that particular feature ever been renamed Oy, have I got a bargain for you already for humourous effect when featuring shitloads of Jewish tat all at once.

You see, it's a conspiracy. Look - the editor is married to a Jew, so there's your proof. Yes, he's an atheist, and thinks the religion he was brought up in was a cruel practical joke, but he's still a Jew you know, so that must be it.

Alternatively sheer weight of numbers means there are more Christian and Muslim loons to write about.

And lets be honest um when was the last time you heard about a Jewish fundie killing anyone? Well since the bloke who shot Rabin (a fellow Jew)?

And btw I am not a Jew...despite what judenhaas scum may think.

The Jewish fundies mostly have a go at other Jews - their mission seems to be to make sure all of God's Chosen People get with the programme. And nobody else.

Wax lyrical

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