August 7, 2004

Amusement via LiveJournal

Serawench offers a succinct explanation for why people who harangue you about religion are likely to live a much shorter life than others:

My mother isn't an alcoholic or an addict of any drug, but I find she uses her religion the same way others use those types of things. Everything in her life revolves around her religion — and while in reality her life isn't in danger from stupid actions while high or drunk, it is in danger from me clocking her the next time she tells me I'm going to hell if I don't convert.

serawench in this comment to champion, 5th August 2004 (via Overheard On LiveJournal).

And then there's Croaky's curious discussion on homosexuality in the form of a dialogue between God and Satan:

Lucy/ifer: Hey dad, got a question.
G-sama: Hm, what is it?
Lucy: Christianity as a whole kind of agrees that homosexuality is wrong, yes?
G-sama: Guess so.
Lucy: It is also a common belief that God is male, or at least you are most often portrayed as a man and a father, right?
G-sama: Yes. Though the big beard thing is SO old-fashioned.
Lucy: Right. And all over the world women claim celibacy as nuns to fully dedicate themselves to their faith and become The Brides of Christ, no?
G-sama: That too.
Lucy: Kind of like a personal no-touchy harem, that huh?
G-sama: Heheh.
Lucy: So then, what's the deal with the monks?
G-sama: The monks?
Lucy: The guys that do like your Brides and dedicate their body and soul to you. Y'know. The monks.
G-sama: Oh. Them.
Lucy: Well?
G-sama: Well that is...

Hey you, get off of my cloud - Croaky The Tea-Drinkin' Pirate, 5th August 2004 (via Overheard On LiveJournal).

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