August 17, 2004

'Christian' animal sacrifice

United States: A parrot belonging to a Wiccan woman who launched a legal challenge to her town's unconstitutional prayers has been slaughtered in a highly ritualistic manner. Darla Wynne, of Great Falls, South Carolina, came home one night last week to find her parrot, Little One, beheaded with his heart cut out. A note warned her she would be next. It is just the latest in a long series of incidents.

Many of the town's 2,200 residents regard Wynne as a witch and disapprove of her pagan faith, she said. The vandalism has ranged from destruction of her cars to several of her animals being poisoned, Wynne said.
No one will say anything, Wynne said. They think they're protecting their own....
...Wynne said she has endured numerous verbal and written threats. She received by mail a booklet, Thou Shalt not Suffer a Witch to Live, and said a man yelled at her, Witch, you're going down.
Twice last week before her bird was killed, Wynne said she received threats in the mail.

Parrot's death latest threat to woman in prayer case - The Herald (Rock Hill), 17th August 2004.


They seem to be minding their Ps and Qs, as it were, more carefully these days. I went there a week ago Tuesday, and the town council were very cordial. Cool, but cordial.

Point of information: the link attached to the above commenter's name leads to a post describing a trip to Great Falls to see the Town Council in action. Here's an extract:

We got in, and sat down. All told, there were about a dozen Pagan types who came, and maybe two dozen people there in total. We apparently missed the invocation, but Darla said that they didn't invoke the name of Jesus Christ, which was in compliance with the court order. We all sat, politely, through the meeting. They didn't say a word about us, or Darla's lawsuit, or the court order, but they did go into an executive session.

Go read the rest.

Yes! Go! Read! Love me! *grin*

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