August 27, 2004

Excusez-moi, je suis un idiot

France: Fans of the novel The Da Vinci Code have been troubling tour guides at the Louvre with questions surrounding the book. The money-making potential was quickly spotted, and now a special tour, Cracking The Da Vinci Code at the Louvre, is available.

Like other academics, McBreen challenges some of the notions put forward by Brown -- but don't expect a sanctimonious lecture. The genial 34-year-old slips in humorous asides and encourages participants to voice their opinions, expert or not.
We're extremely sensitive to preserving the pleasure of the book, she said, contemplating a wall of Leonardo masterpieces.
Although our goal is to help people separate fact from fiction, we realise that simply correcting Brown's ideas by trotting out the traditional scholarship would be dull and horribly pretentious, McBreen added.

The priest at Saint Sulpice has also found himself pestered and has resorted to putting up a sign: Contrary to fanciful allegations in a recent best-selling novel, this is not a vestige of a pagan temple.

It also specifies that the initials P and S that feature on circular windows refer to Saint Peter and Saint Sulpice, and not to an imaginary Priory of Sion, the secret society which in the novel is charged with protecting the Holy Grail.
Roumanet considers The Da Vinci Code a clever crime thriller, but is worried that readers are not critical enough.

He notes that the hordes of tourists have not produced an increase in donations to his church, parts of which are in urgent need of restoration.

Paris tourists search for key to Da Vinci Code - Reuters, 27th August 2004.

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Father Roumanet discredits the notion of a secret society in the novel 'The Da Vinci Code'. And certainly it is his right to do so.

But doesn't it seem even a tiny bit disconcerting that his surname is an anagram of 'A Rome Nut'?

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