August 7, 2004

Loonies Dig Up "Dragon" Bones

United States: When confronted with the proof of dirty great bones being dug out of the ground creationists still won't admit they could possibly be wrong about that whole bible as truth thing. It seems those big old dinosaur bones are actually from dragons. Who knew?

Countless dinosaur bones lie buried in the rocks of South Dakota but the Christians excavating one remote cliff-face were digging not just for reptilian vertebrae but for the hand of God.

With screwdrivers, hammers and shaving brushes for tools, the group was seeking and, as far as it was concerned, unearthed proof that the animals perished not millions of years ago but in Noah's Flood circa 2300 BC.

To these believers in the Bible's literal truth, they are not dinosaurs but missionary lizards, which are powerful weapons in the battle for young American hearts and minds.

Those certain that God made all living things, dinosaurs included, on Day Six of the Creation, are deploying ever more imaginative tactics in their struggle against schools and universities teaching Darwin's theory of evolution.

And it looks like they're coming up with even more curious methods of denying evolution. They now pact their mindless followers off to camps to dig up these wondrous dragon bones. I'm sure the hefty fees they're charging have nothing whatsoever to do with it.

According to the most recent poll, nearly half of all Americans, 48 per cent, believe in the Book of Genesis's version of our origins. The Creationists fervently hope that number may even be rising.

Which proves nothing if the poll was conducted by creationists on creationists and if it was, all it proves is that some of their own loonies are wising up.

Evolution is the dumbest and most dangerous idea in the history of humanity, said Kent Hovind, a vocal enthusiast for the cause who also runs the [Dinosaur Adventure Land] theme park in Florida. Explaining his Creationist creed, he said: We think dinosaurs were part of the normal Creation and were just big lizards. Noah took some of them on the Ark, probably babies, when the floods came.

Throughout history, there are stories of people killing the animals that survived but they called them dragons.

Christian dinosaur hunters dig for signs of Biblical dragons - Telegraph, 19th June 2004 (via Improbable Research).

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