August 10, 2004

More Musings About the Sanity of Fundies from LiveJournal

Next time you're in need of medical assistance, it might be a wise move to avoid to insane religious loons loose in the Alabama medical system.

littledevi: There was this story on All Things Considered about nurses in Alabama who refuse to dispense the morning after pill. One of them went into great detail about how when a teenager asked her for the pill, she felt Christ put his arms around her and tell her, No, no, no. It got me wondering — what percentage of nurses are certifiably crazy? Must be more than a few. You should possess a modicum of sanity in order to care for people, I think.
msmongi: I just told my mother that story (she's been an RN for over 30 years) and she just shouted back Take the cunt's license from her! Considering my mother NEVER cusses, I am vastly amused.

jvandenberg ponders the madness of rabid Christian right-to-life wing nuts and their screwed up sense of morality.

1. Stated purpose of christianity is to get as many souls as possible into heaven.
2. Stillborn children (and thus presumably aborted fetuses) get a free pass into heaven.
3. A doctor performing n abortions damns his soul.
4. Net gain of souls into heaven: n-1.
5. All christians should abort as many children as possible.
6. By a similar argument, a serial killer who gets his victims to accept christ, and then kills them before they can sin again, is worthy of sainthood.
7. This shit is fucked.

And here's a few from here, first one slightly edited for quotag - Overheard On LiveJournal, 30th July 2004.

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