August 17, 2004

Mother Nature more effective than fundies

Cornwall: The Museum of Witchcraft has been badly damaged by the flash floods in Boscastle.

On the 16th August this year, severe weather and flash floods hit Boscastle with devastating results. The Museum of Witchcraft has been severely damaged, leaving much of the building destroyed. During this awful event Graham King, the owner of the Museum, bravely assisted in the rescue operations using his coast guarding skills to help others. The Museum will take time to recover but rest assured it will be back, restored to its previous splendour.
For further information, enquiries, offers of help or donations please contact:
Helpline: 01749 674712
All donations and offers of help will be greatly received.

More detail comes via LiveJournal:

The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscatle has suffered extensive damage in the floods and all the downstairs exhibits have been ruined. The front window has been blown out. The upstairs, including the library seems to have escaped the worst of the damage.
No-one is allowed entry to Boscastle until all buildings have been declared safe to enter. This could take some days and the whole village is cut off as part of the road has been washed away.

In a fortean touch, the flooding occurred on the anniversary of the Lynton and Lynmouth floods.

Notice on the Museum of Witchcraft home page, 17th August 2004; The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscatle has suffered extensive damage in the floods... - DMWCarol's LiveJournal, 17th August 2004; MORE THAN 1,000 TRAPPED AS FLOODS DEVASTATE VILLAGE - Western Morning News, 17th August 2004.



According to today's Guardian the local Christian giftshop was also wrecked.

Just like Mother Nature to be an equal opportunity smiter.

The black humour reported in the Grauniad is amusing:

By the harbour, the witchcraft museum stood firm while a Christian gift shop lay in ruins. Gallows humour was the order of the day. "The devil looks after its own," joked one villager.

Obviously, 'stood firm' is relative - several buildings collapsed completely.


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