September 14, 2004

Get thee from a nunnery: Italian Sister in illicit affair

Italy: It seems there's something in the water in Montevergine that leads the clergy to follow their hearts. In 2002, Father Vitaliano della Sala got the boot for attending a gay pride march in Rome. But this week Sister Pompea has run off with a monk ten years her junior.

A mystical crisis, said the mother superior, that has obliged the nun to remove herself for an indefinite period and stay with her familiars. That was the explanation for Sister Pompea disappearing from her convent in Montevergine, east of Naples in Italy.

Her absence was noticed when she failed to arrive for teaching duties at a nursery last week.
Ottopagine, the local paper, claimed: The two religious people seem to have chosen to live this urgent and overwhelming love affair without subterfuge and without secrecy ... on holiday, like two ordinary lovers.

Mother Ildegarde, mother superior of Convent di Loreto, told the Corriere della Sera paper: I spoke to Sister Pompea and I found her worn out. She is still one of us, a sister with all that entails, and waiting to give us her decision. She still wears the habit.

I particularly enjoyed the comment that Sister Pompea was worn out, but I found it rather sweet to picture her taking a romantic stroll on the beach with the monk, both still in their habits. Somehow, I don't think that's quite what Mother Ildegarde meant.

Get thee from a nunnery: Italian Sister in illicit affairIndependent, 13th September 2004.


What do you call it when a Catholic priest has sex with an adult woman?

You know, in our Order, we'd be concerned if our Sisters were too 'worn out' to have sex with one another!


My understanding is that it's OK for nuns and monks to date, just as long as they don't get into the habit.

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