September 22, 2004

Hurricanes a punishment from God

United States: Bob Morris offers evidence of the existence of God, and a vengeful one at that:

I thought it was an interesting coincidence that a state with a questionable presidential election results would be pummeled by hurricanes just before the next election. The I thought it was an interesting coincidence that the storms spared Miami, who voted for Gore in 2000. Just out of curiosity, I overlaid the two maps: one of the tracks of the hurricanes of 2004, and one of the election results of 2000.
This is no longer an interesting coincidence. It is an unmistakable message from God. I hope everyone is listening.

(via Mary Kay Kare)

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Take a look at this comparison of the 2000 election results in Florida and the storm tracks of the last 3 hurricanes. Who would have thought the wrath of god could be so easily discernable? And that he would approve of those wild nightclubs and nude ... Read More


Dear Pharangula,

Thank you for your maps and the interesting connections they display. I wrote an autumn equinox poem that reflected some of the same spirit, though perhaps not quite so literally, and addressed itself to the gods of the sky. I thought you might like to see it.

It was born from the conjunction of the equinox with the Jewish High Holidays and an email someone sent me entitled "A High Holiday confessional that will never be uttered
by George W. Bush"

Having seen your map, I think maybe my poem needed another line asking mercy for having elected (though we didn't) GWB and the horrible policies for which we as a nation are responsible.

Website for image of Ivan and the poem is:

Many tribal peoples have believed in weather magic. The powerful storms that have visited us recently make it hard not to see some kind of omen.

Best regards,
Amy Hannon
Clinton, NJ

Here's the poem

Autumn Equinox 2004

O gods of the sky,
have mercy on us.
Forgive us for all that we have done this year,
done to one another conceived as friend or foe.

Forgive us for whatever harm we have done
to soils and waters of the world,
to fish in the sea,
birds in the air,
animals who roam the woods and wilds.

Forgive us for poisons we have planted,
promises we have failed to keep,
bombs we have dropped, bombs we have exploded,
compassion we have not felt or acted upon.

Have mercy on us, creatures of earth and of this place.

Have mercy on us and leave some trees standing,
some caves dry, some flyways navigable.

Have mercy on us as we dive again into the dark.

Actually, instead of just believing what someone puts in front of you look at the facts. First of all, he drew mainland Monroe and the Keys two seperate colors, funny, the Keys are part of Monroe County. Secondly, the tracks are all wrong. Charley passesd directly over Charlotte County going over Orange and Osceola before exiting directly over Daytona in Volusia County. Frances exited right over Pasco county and then made landfall again over Jefferson and Leon Counties. Ivan was way over making landfall at the AL/FL border. Again, nice try and sad how people will so easily absorb such made up stuff.

Adam, before criticising at length, it behooves you to take the time to learn to read the English language, in particular the words used to describe the category to which this story was assigned.

Before commenting, it also helps to know the nature of the forum in which you wish to pontificate. If anyone thinks I'll take anything (short of God showing up and introducing Herself) as evidence of the existence of God, then clearly they haven't been reading my words.

Feorag, I goofed and thought it was for real. (I am still sure there are happy-clappys saying this, even if the story is satire.) However seem to think it is Bush's fault if not including God in the scenario.

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