September 20, 2004

Yet another letter to the editor

QuePirate has sent another missive, this time mercifully short. It appears to be the same as that sent to Red Wolf a few days ago. Let me address it point by point.

so is there actually proof for anything in your lexicon.

No, unless you are using proof to mean test, or in reference to distilled alcoholic beverages. But, through careful observation, we can gather data and use that to formulate a testable hypothesis. Should it survive all that (and, of course, satisfy Occam's Razor), the results are the best model available to us right now. Naturally, this model should continue to be tested (and changed, or thrown out), especially as further observations are made and new evidence uncovered.

What constitutes proof in your mind.

Nothing - we can only have beyond reasonable doubt. See above.

And by the way just how many Ts are you minus at this point?

To the best of my knowledge, I am not HIV+ and therefore it is not important to monitor my T-cell count.

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[Deleted due to encoding problem which rendered the comment illegible]

Could you please use XHTML entities, or stick to the first 128 ASCII characters - most of your rant comes out as question marks because, for someone who claims to be able to take down the internet, you seem blissfully unaware of even the basics of using it. I blame Bill Gates.

Does this mean that Quepirate is going to take down the internet with the all powerful FrontPage? Could be worse, it could be PowerPoint.

Bullshit assholes- you just couldn't face the brilliant criticism. I did a preview of what I wrote. You Nazi bastards are nothing but cowards. How did you like the coincedence(not) of my quoting Cat Stevens prior to the news report of him being on his way to USA. I'd recomend you start finding a rock to hide under you cockaroaches except that won't do you no good either. My forefather Jesus recomends repentance. It's not to late for you I promise, no matter how many babies you ate. It's not my wish to see anybody suffer the Rapture (final reconing. I'll even beg you.

Let me give you a little clue-ette, free of charge -- of course it's going to look fine if you preview it on the same machine you used to write it on, but not everyone uses Windows. Especially not me. And different platforms use different encodings for characters, except for the first 128. The Prattle is hosted on a server running a different OS from both the one you use, and the one I use, so you ignoring standards tends to lead to total manglement.

How the browser deals with this depends. Some put in the character that matches the number of the one used, which is completely different from the one intended. Some put in question marks, and some put in a load of garbage - I tend to get a mixture of the latter two, though it could be that the garbage is actually what you wrote.

When planning to take down the net, it's important to remember that it's not a Windows monoculture, though some of us (not including Red Wolf) would be more than glad to see you take all the Windows users off the net. Yourself included.

Let me show you what a sample of one of your rants looks like to me:

eXXon eSS-off! IZod? …No ZiON Pi?san. - ....Will deNile fertilize your “banks��?

You can't demonstrate anything to me with that - I can't even read it! It would be like me demanding you answer me "A bheil thu ag iarraidh mi a-sgriobhagh anns 'a'Ghaidhlig?", which is a reasonable question, in a living human language - just one you are unlikely to understand.

If you really had an important message to communicate, you'd make the effort to do so in grammatical English (a language all Prattle readers can read), and in a manner that conforms with web standards so that it reaches as many people as possible.

As you are unwilling to make such efforts, we are forced to assume that you do not consider your words to be particularly important yourself, and therefore they are probably not worth the effort of decoding them.

Feel free to take Windows down. I've got plenty of other operating systems to choose from; including various flavours of Linux and BeOS.

Very interesting page.

I like to read all about.

Have several nice days.

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