October 30, 2004

Hate-Mongering Archbishops in Africa

Nigeria: It seems the Anglican Church in Africa has jumped onboard the hate train that's usually reserved for loonie fundies.

African Bishops condemned the Anglican Church's stance on homosexuality yesterday and said that they would stop sending priests to be trained in countries where same-sex relationships were accepted.

The 300 Anglican bishops who met in Nigeria for the first African bishops convention said homosexuality was an unAfrican practice and warned that congregations would turn away from a church that condoned it. Only the Archbishop of Cape Town, Njongonkulu Ndungane, offered any dissent, saying his church was committed to its entire congregation, including homosexuals.

It's almost amusing that these silly bastards are condemning homosexuality as an unAfrican practice when their silence has been deafening over the entirely African practice of raping babies in the misinformed belief that it will cure the rapists of AIDS.

Nice to see that Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane has balls of steel when it comes to standing up for everyone in his congregation.

In contrast to Europe, where homosexuality is becoming more accepted, many African countries are firming up their stance against same-sex relationships. Homosexuality has long been illegal in many African countries but now even places such as Zanzibar, which had been more tolerant of the gay community, has recently passed laws imposing a mandatory 25-year jail sentence for any men caught having sex with each other.

Even relatively liberal societies like Kenya take a firm stance on the subject. Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya, once famously said there was no African word for homosexuality.

As usual the church is sticking its nose into politics and fucking up the lives people.

The Rev Joseph Ogola, dean of the Anglican Church in Kisumu, western Kenya, said: I don't like the idea of gay bishops. It is against the Bible. I accept we live in a changing society and have to accept that people value their own freedom, but that should not be linked to the church. They should branch off and start their own religion.

Perhaps they should found their own religion. One that practices the basic tenets of Christianity like Love thy neighbour. It seems the good Reverend Ogala has forgotten that there is no coda stating Unless they're gay, a different colour, religion, race or you just don't like them. The carry on by this group of small-minded, bigotted morons is far more against the Bible than being gay is. Bunch of hypocritical wankers.

African bishops threaten split over homosexualityIndependent, 28th October 2004.


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