October 2, 2004

Invisible Flying Jellyfish

United States: Not terribly sure where this article of weirdness is heading. It doesn't seem to have a point, it just waffles along jumping from tales of flamey birds to invisible flying jellyfish.

The hypothesis about the existence of little-studied forms of life in the Earth's atmosphere has been an attraction for scientists for quite a long time. Nations around the globe have numerous stories, fairy-tales and legends about such creatures, the most popular of which are sylphs, giant fire birds, fairies, flying snakes and dragons. This weird theory has been gaining more and more details lately to prove its credibility.

Not that this story digs up any proof, it's all just old hearsay and legend.

According to ancient manuscripts, giant red ravens were seen flying in the sky above Rome in the year 106 BC. Ancient writings say that the birds were carrying red-hot stones in their beaks... Fire-birds caused numerous fires in the middle of the 1980s in San-Juan, Puerto Rico. Eyewitnesses said that the birds were huge, with a wing-spread of about four meters.
Fire snakes and dragons were described in historical documents too. An outstanding incident took place in September of 1891 in the American town of Crawfordswille, Indiana. There is a story in the archives of the town about a 10-meter long fire snake, which appeared above the central square of the town. A lot of people saw the snake — they all said that it was a live creature. A local pastor vowed that the snake had red eyes of fire and the heat of its breath could be felt at a considerable distance.

At a guess, I'd say the pastor's breath could probably peel paint too.

Mass deaths of birds, or their sudden migration can also be considered an indirect evidence to prove the existence of an unknown form of life in the atmosphere of the planet.

Apparently these bird deaths mean that there are weird, jelly-like beings living in the Earth's atmosphere.

Medusa-like creatures, [Charles] Fort wrote, had stings and tentacles, which they used to hunt for birds. The existence of such creatures seemed to be unbelievable for a very long time, until American scientists developed a special substance, aerogel. The lighter-than-air gel is a substance, the state of which is represents both hard and gas condition. Researchers proposed that the flesh of the mysterious creatures could be made of a similar substance.

Perhaps the tale loses something in it's translation from Russian, but it strikes me as a load of old cobblers.

Unknown fire and jelly-like creatures live in Earth's atmosphere - Pravda, 2 October 2004.

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