October 2, 2004

Spain Approves Same-Sex Marriage

Spain: Spanish authorities, apparently sick of the church trying to ride rough-shod over them, have given the go-ahead for same-sex marriages.

Homosexuals throughout Spain were last night celebrating a human rights victory after the government approved legislation allowing same-sex marriage.
Thousands gathered in Madrid's Plaza Chueca to toast prime minister Jose Zapatero's initiative, which has enraged the Roman Catholic church.

A church spokesman said earlier this week that the move was like imposing a virus on society.

But gay-rights activist Beatriz Gimeno claimed yesterday: This interventionist tendency by the Church is the virus and must be eradicated. This is a victory for basic human rights.

The legislation met with near-unanimous approval from Mr Zapatero's cabinet and will now go before the Spanish parliament. Mr Zapatero's socialist party, PSOE, which swept to power in March, holds no overall majority but support from two minor parties means the bill is as good as cleared and the first marriages are expected to take place early next year.

Mr Zapatero pledged a series of social reforms, including streamlined divorce and harsher penalties for domestic violence against women. But in a traditionally Catholic country, this legislation was always going to be contentious.

Under the new legislation, homosexuals will also receive a dead partner's pension and inheritances, and will be able to divorce and adopt children.

The Spanish justice minister Juan Lopez Aguilar told RNE state radio: Our constitution guarantees the right to marriage.

We're going to extend that right to people who historically have been discriminated against — homosexuals.

Always nice to see the luddites from the church told to stop interfering in human rights.

Gay marriages poised for a New Year go-ahead in Spain - The Scotsman, 2 October 2004.

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It is a general convention, both in print and web media, to show quoted text indented from the main body of the article as has been done in this post.

The sentence you refer to comes directly from The Scotsman. I suggest you take it up with their editor.

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