October 2, 2004

Tales of Love from the Land of Denial

United States: The lovely Feòrag caught this delightful tale from the land of denial as she was heading out the door and sent it along to the satellite office to share with Prattle readers. Leaving aside the tabloid hysterics, we have two women blaming the death of a child on demons.

The mother of the Harlem toddler beaten to death says her lesbian lover did the awful deed — but insists demons made her do it.
But [Zahira] Matos insists she didn't realize the seriousness until it was too late — when she found Yovany near death Sept 19, when she returned home from a beer run.

The beer run part of the story doesn't help the grieving mother too much. But wait, it gets better... Let us move on to the death of the child.

His leg and ribs were broken, his liver ruptured and his baby body — covered in bruises — bore testament to his sad little life.
The women say Yovany Tellez Sr, the boy's father, and his mother cast a satanic spell on them.
They put a curse on us because they wanted us to be separated, Matos said.

And now for the big, predictable finale...

Matos said she knew her girlfriend would lash out violently — at her and her son — but said it was the work of the devil.
Once the fury was over, Molina claimed to remember nothing, Matos said. She called it more evidence of demonic intervention.
Despite it all, Matos says she remains devoted to her lover of less than a year.

A silly bitch, stuck in a violent relationship, who makes up fairy stories to cover for the fact that she and her children are being beaten. At least her other kids are now out from under the stupidity of their mother's choices.

Momster Tot-Killers: Blame Dad & The Devil, Not Us - New York Post, 2 October 2004.

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