November 21, 2004

The Church of Christ, Furry.

Molatar Seth Pyragent is a missionary with a difference:

This site is dedicated to spreading the Gospel in the werewolf and furry communities. It is my hope that many trans-species people will accept Jesus as their Savior through this ministry. I will explain the etymology of this website's name. I got the idea from Werewolf Tobias' tradition of calling a werewolf stronghold a House. Well, I'm a dragon, so my ideal stronghold would be a Castle. And since this is MY website where I am MASTER, I call this my Castle.

And though he does not accept Jesus' mastery (tsk, tsk), he does feel your pain:

I too know the shame and anger about being trapped in a powerless and ugly human body. If you desire a shape-shift, please click on the P-shift essay link to your left and I will guide you. If you desire clarification of God's Word, please click on the salvation, essay, and bibliography links provided at left.

And like every other evangelist, he knows that apostrophes are a Satanic plot:

Nor do I have the time to prove everything I say with verses from the Bible. Not everything I say needs to be proven from the Bible because its basic common sense.

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The Pagan Prattle excavates a real find. Molatar Seth Pyragent is a missionary with a difference: This site is dedicated to spreading the Gospel in the werewolf and furry communities. It is my hope that many trans-species people will accept Jesus a... Read More



I noticed your link on Majiktise's site. I have some spiritual beliefs but, I am not involved in any religion.

"trans-species people"

I am laughing more than can be considered healthy. Thanks for the post, as always.

Shouldn't it be "trans-specied" people?

What is it people can't get about quoted text? It's not that difficult. The quoted bits are indented, in a smaller font and quite often full of amusing spelling mistakes. This isn't rocket science.

I've messed with the stylesheet, so there is now a box around block quotations. That should make it really obvious. I hope I don't have to put "this next bit is quoted" before each example.

I had to force a reload to see it (cursed cache), pretty.

You could at least mention my site, if you're gonna mention the ME part. Let people make their OWN minds- Or are you afraid of FREE WILL?

Happy now? ;)

And you heard wrong. (Hey, I heard I'd committed suicide once!)

You've got to laugh. Neither Toby nor Molatar seem to be able to figure out how to get their sites up and running. I would have thought it was smarter to have something in place before telling people about it. Especially when you have the manners of an ill-bred llama.

Yep. Molatar's domain doesn't resolve, and Toby's site is unknown to GeoCities. Now all I have to decide is whether to delete the duplicate message, or leave it looking as if Toby is unable to read the words "This can take some time. Please do not assume it's failed and hit 'POST' again. We will just end up with multiple copies of your comment."

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