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December 31, 2004

With a God like this, who needs Satan?

United States: Christian hatemonger Fred Phelps seems glad that lots of people have been killed by the tsunami in Asia, especially as some of them are bound to be pooves! He also seems unaware of some of the more esoteric uses of turkey-basters.

How many tsunami-dead Swedes are fags & dykes? vacationing on their fat expendable incomes without kids to bother with and spend money on. With respect to each of these earthquake-dead perverts: He shall be buried with the burial of an ass. Jer. 22:19. Maybe Sweden can pass another law--making it a crime for God to send earthquakes and tidal waves to kill vacationing Swedish fags & dykes.

It seems strange that such a powerful deity would be so indiscriminate as to wipe out thousands of innocent people just because Sweden made use of its hate-speech law. Even stranger, as the Bible verse quoted seems to be a punishment the same God threatened to mete out for excessive bloodthirstiness.

But it seems that it wasn't just the Swedes God has it in for, as 3000 US citizens are known to have died in the disaster. This is a Good Thing to bloodthirsty Phelps, who also seems to admire murderous Islamist loons.

Yes! Thank God for Sept. 11 and 3,000 dead sodomite Americans in 2001. God sent the Muslim planes to destroy fag New York's twin towers and hurl 3,000 vile Americans into Hell. Even so, God sent Tsunami last week to exercute vengeance upon another 3,000 carcasses swallowed up in Asian jungles, and concerning each of whom it shalll be said: He shall be buried with the burial of an ass. Jer. 22:19.

America is awash in diseased fag feces & semen!
America: apostate land of the sodomite damned!

And the reason God, again, used such a blunt tool is because Massachusetts gives the same civil rights to same-sex couples as are available to opposite-sex ones. You'd think he'd make his point better if he'd got one of the gay resorts and left everywhere else alone?

It's a good thing this God character is nothing more than a figment of Phelps' sectionable imagination, or we'd have to lock him up and throw away the key.

Thank God for Tsunami & 2,000 dead Swedes!!! (PDF)—Westboro' Baptist Church News Release, 29th December 2004; Thank God for Tsunami. Thank God for 3,000 dead Americans (PDF)—Westboro' Baptist Church News Release, 1st January 2005 (oops, hope that wasn't embargoed!). Thanks to Pastor Best.

Beer, food and kisses.

London will witness one of the more entertaining Twelfth Night traditions on Monday when the Holly Man comes for a pint or two:

Arriving by boat at Bankside Pier, he docks and gives a special wassail, or toast, to the river and to the coming year. He then leads a troupe of actors, called mummers, on a procession to the George Inn in Borough for various new year festivities and sketches.

Actors from The Lions Part Theatre Group have been re-enacting the tradition for ten years now, and there's more to it than an excuse for a glass or two of fine real ale--you can stuff yourself with cake and have a snog too.

Monday's festivities also see visitors handed slices of 12th bake - cakes made from Christmas leftovers.

Hidden among the slices are a dried pea and a dried bean. Those who find them are hailed festival king and queen for the day.

But there's good news in store for hopeful singletons, too.

Tie a ribbon to the special kissing wishing tree at the George Inn, and tradition dictates you may kiss the person next to you.

Green giant calls in the new year - icSouthLondon, 31st December 2004.

A shrine for every need

Japan: New Year's Eve is a popular time to visit certain Shinto shrines. Some of them are clearly helpful with those resolutions:

Kotohira-gu shrine in nearby Minato-ku is for those looking to give up vices like smoking, drinking and gambling.

But others deal with more realistic human aspirations:

Izuyama Jinja, another Shinto place of worship located in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, is best known for the tree on its grounds. The tree is called a butcher's broom, or nagi in Japanese and is named after Izanagi, the mythical god of Shinto legend whose spilled sperm formed the main Japanese islands. Carrying leaves from the tree is said to offer success in love.

Taking a bit both ways, according to Shukan Jitsuwa is Kyoto's Yasui Kompira, a shrine that offers people the chance to either find the love of their life, or get rid of an unwanted love. A stone's throw away is Ichidaninanano Jinja, a Shinto shrine that promises to requite unrequited love.

New Year shrines find pagan pilgrims looking for love, larger libidos - Mainichi Shimbun WaiWai, 31st December 2004. See also Unusual Japanese shrines - Pagan Prattle, 12th July 2002.

V1@gRa €0.01

Germany: Germany has some distinctive New Year symbols, and Elizabeth Goetze has taken a look at their origins.

Take the one-cent piece, the lucky penny - now this one seems fairly obvious, right? A piece of money becomes a token to assure financial happiness in the coming year. But there's more to it, as I found out. The copper in the coin is commonly associated with Venus, the goddess of love, and therefore should increase the bearer's lovemaking abilities - an ancient aphrodisiac, if you will. Lucky pennies were also once nailed on stable doors to keep away witches. Carried in your pocket the penny is supposed to ward off sham and deceit in your business dealings. Now that's more than you can ask from a Viagra pill, if you ask me.

The Fliegenpilz, a red-capped mushroom dotted with white spots, has long been associated with witchcraft and sorcery in Germany - good powers to have on your side for the new year. The chimney sweep, on the other hand, has a more practical background. A clean chimney was vital to villages and town centers with wood-constructed buildings: one single fire could easily wipe out an entire settlement. And the pig has been a symbol of fertility and wealth for centuries in many cultures. The Germanic goddess Freya was also known as Syr, which means sow, and the wild boar was a holy animal among Germanic deities.

Good luck! - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Weekly, 31st December 2004.

Four charged over fake ossuary

Four Israeli antiquities dealers have been charged with faking some of the most important Biblical artifacts to come to light in the last few years, including the infamous ossuary:

They included a limestone ossuary box said to have held the bones of James, the brother of Jesus, supposedly the oldest physical link to the New Testament; a tiny ivory pomegranate bought by the Israel Museum for $550,000 (£287,000) as the only known relic of King Solomon's Temple; and a stone tablet, from the ninth century BC, inscribed in ancient Hebrew with instructions by King Joash for maintaining the Temple...

...Mr Golan, a leading Israeli collector, owned the James ossuary, inscribed James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus, and the Joash tablet. Detectives said they found a sophisticated laboratory in his home. The men are accused of painting the improved items with a special coating to imitate the patina that would accumulate over thousands of years.

The Prattle reported an academic's fears that the inscription on the ossuary was wrong, and therefore likely to be fraudulent, back in November 2002.

Israeli dealers accused of antiquity fraud - The Independent, 30th December 2004; see also Jesus artifact a fake - Pagan Prattle, 7th November 2002 and Jesus ossuary made by aliens - Pagan Prattle, 16th November 2002 (thanks, Julian).

December 30, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Paranoid (not Black Sababth)

Today's bargain is a CD, but it's not just any old dodgy bit of Christian rock, or even C-Rap. No, DEVIL SPEAKS THROUGH MAN is really, really special.

Dear buyer, I want to warn you what is on this CD, I find very frightening and unsettling, It is a man who I believe is possessed bye the devil are some evil sprit. The contexts of the CD which I believe is the Devil himself speaking to the world is a massage to the effect of how he is able to convince the people he doesn't exist. And the way he operates, with out alarming people to his presence threw science and other fields. I personally believe based on the message it is real, but you make up your own mind, but which ever way you see it, the message is based in truth and reality. I do not believe it is some religious person trying to scare people as I first through. I believe the world should hear this warning.

You can have one of 25 copies of this exciting recording for a mere $1 (US - approx £0.03)! The same vendor also offers the ESSENCE OF JESUS CANDLE. It seems He did not pong the same as any other man:

PSALM 45 v 8 In the bible

All thy garments smell of Myrrh, and Aloes, and Cassia out of the Ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad.

This very special candle is made with Myrrh, Aloes and Cassia listed above, which is the scent of Jesus according to Psalm 45 v 8. The candle has a very embracing smell and glow, and gives you a sense of bing close to Jesus. Available in red, white or Green. Candle is brand new.

Little Green Men bored with Iraq, move next door.

Russian and Iran: The Russian and Iranian authorities have agreed to start a joint study of UFOs after weird lights were spotted over Iran.

This comes in the wake of a skywatching mania that struck Iran amid state-media reports of sightings of flying objects near Iran痴 nuclear installations.

The Resalat news agency reported shining objects in the sky near Natanz, where Iran's uranium-enrichment plant is situated. One of those objects is said to have exploded, prompting panic in the region.

Tehran's air force was ordered to shoot down any unknown or suspicious flying objects in its airspace, amid security concerns for its nuclear plants.

Flights of unknown objects in the country's airspace have increased in recent weeks... [they] have been seen over Bushehr and Isfahan provinces, the Resalat daily reported. Nuclear facilities are located in both provinces.

Russia Joins Iran in Fighting UFO's - MosNews, 30th December 2004.

December 29, 2004

Bargain of the Day: the motherlode discovered! sells Truly God Awful stuff. Stuff like this Guadalupe Belt Buckle or this Jesus Ashtray:

If the Surgeon General's warning isn't enough, maybe a guilt trip from God will get you to quit your nasty habit. Remember: Heaven is non-smoking; you might want to get used to it now. (This message brought to you by the American Cancer Society and the Lord.) Ashtray measures 3.75" and is made of glass. Temporarily Out of Stock.

Christian pastor arrested on child sex abuse charges.

United States: An Arizona pastor has been arrested on charges relating to the alleged sexual abuse of a six-year-old Florida boy in 1996. According to the authorities, Robert Armand Enerson, a pastor at the First Assembly of God in Douglas, has admitted sexually abusing children in North Carolina and Michigan, and police are investigating to see if there are any further allegations.

An affidavit prepared by Polk County investigators alleges that Enerson molested a boy repeatedly for about a week while serving as a pastor at the New Life Assembly of God in Wahneta, Fla., in 1996. The accuser, now 15, said Enerson entered a bedroom where the boy was playing video games and stroked the child's penis, according to the affidavit.

In an interview with investigators in Douglas, Enerson reportedly said he had touched the boy's penis on at least two occasions, although possibly more, and had the boy touch him, according to the affidavit. Enerson also told detectives the child was hiding under the bed at one point and he pulled him out to touch his penis, the affidavit states. The boy told investigators he was intimidated by the size of the burly pastor, who weighs about 250 pounds, according to records.

In the affidavit, Enerson also was accused of having oral relations and masturbating a boy over a span of seven years, from age 10 to 17, in North Carolina. Enerson also reportedly told detectives he rubbed a Michigan boy's penis an unknown number of times, according to the report.

His church is not answering the phone right now, and did not reply to messages left by journalists on their answering machine.

Ariz. pastor held in Fla. sex countsArizona Republic, 29th December 2004.

Penis-snatching nothing new

Italy: A university lecturer has published a book arguing that an unusual mediæval mural in Tuscany is a depiction of witchcraft. The Massa Marittima mural shows a tree bearing penises as fruit, and a woman who appears to be poking the tree with a stick. Dr. George Fercozo, of the University of Leicester, thinks this represents something described in the Malleus Maleficarum:

In its description of witches' practices, intended to help witch-hunters identify their prey, it says they were in the habit of robbing men of their genitals.

[Witches] sometimes collect male organs in great numbers, as many as 20 or 30 members together, and put them in a bird's nest, or shut them up in a box, where they move themselves like living members, and eat oats and corn, wrote the authors of the Malleus Maleficarum.

Published in 1486, the manual brought together much of the legend surrounding sorceresses that had grown up in previous centuries.

Two of the other women in the mural are tearing at each other's hair as they appear to fight for possession of just such a magically liberated penis as the one described in the Malleus Maleficarum. On the other side of the woman with a stick another is being sodomised by another free-wheeling, or rather free-floating, male organ.

In the middle ages, heretics did one thing above all and that was sodomy, Dr Ferzoco said. To the medieval Italian mind, it was an act that exemplified unnaturalness, disharmony and lack of community.

Medieval mural's tales of sorcery - Education Guardian, 28th December 2004. See also Penis tree - fertility symbol or political poster? - Reuters, 7th December 2004, and the accompanying picture of the mural.

December 26, 2004

The devil made her, not me, do it.

United States: A man accused of seriously injuring his 17-day-old son had wanted to claim that his wife had injured the child in a satanic ritual:

[Christopher] Gromiuk was arrested last February after he admitted to squeezing and beating his 17-day-old son Exsavior while in a dreamlike state. The child survived and is in the care of relatives.

Later, during an evidentiary hearing, Rusch indicated he would attempt to defend Gromiuk by shifting the blame for the baby's injuries to his mother. He attempted to introduce evidence that the child's mother was involved with witchcraft and Satanism and the baby was hurt during a ritual but was blocked by the court.

Gromiuk later dropped the witchcraft allegations, which Laura Gromiuk had steadfastly denied, and agreed to plead guilty to hurting his son but had a change of heart before he could be sentenced. Last month he asked the court to allow him to change his guilty plea, arguing that he wasn't thinking clearly when he made the decision to take the state's plea agreement.

Man charged with injuring infant son to get new attorney - Rhinelander Daily News, 23rd December 2004.

December 24, 2004

Cartoon of the Day

December 19, 2004

Bargain of the Day: subtle web art

Today's Bargain won't cost you a thing, thanks to the untiring artists at Eziekiel 33 Graphics, assuming you actually have any use for enormous Messianic Jewish (i.e. Christians, but with bacon cravings) web art. And they take commissions too:, but not from just anybody:

I am willing to design specific graphics for websites, if you will just email me with what you want, I'll see what I can come up with! I can design logo's & banners also! I do this as a service for the Body of Christ! There is no charge for these special requests, but I need your website address, so that I can visit your site to make sure that I agree with your biblical views. There is far too much false teachings that I in no way want to be a part of! I am here to serve & to glorify Y'shua! I don't make animated graphics, but I do animated texts, so make sure to check those out, also.

See, not even having a Jewish mother can help with Christian English (thanks, Tez).

Scary nativity

There is no shortage of seasonal craft ideas available out there on the web. As an example of the delights to be found, how about How to Dress Trolls as Nativity Scene Figures?

1. Assess your trolls and assign them roles: the most feminine one, of course, will be Mary. Tie or braid the hair for Joseph and the three wise men.

They mean the dolls, rather than large, rocky creatures or net pests, by the way. I wonder if the plush cthulhus would mind being adapted in a similar manner? (via Going Jesus).

December 14, 2004

'UFO' explodes over city.

China: An Unidentified Flying Object has caused a bit of a flap in Lanzhou, when it passed over the city and appeared to explode in the suburbs.

The unusual sighting of two bright trails of light, reported by several witnesses, took place last Saturday shortly before midnight, the China Times reported.

Police, working on the theory that it was a meteorite, went to investigate the matter, but as of today they had found no evidence of what caused the nightly phenomenon, an officer told AFP by telephone.

UFO passes over China, explodes in suburbs - China Daily, 14th December 2004.

December 13, 2004

Mad Inventor Corner

While British people of a certain age will be delighted to hear that Wilf Lunn has a website, what interests the residents at Prattle Towers is his page of Curious Christmas Trees. I particularly like Confuse a Fairy and Ski Slope. Red Wolf must surely appreciate the Australian.

Sorry to Disappoint, but I'm Still an Atheist!

The net has recently been filled with gloating from the supersitious with the news that a well-known atheist had turned to religion. Well, according to the man himself, it's all a load of bollocks. Professor Antony Flew has been accused of turning to religion twice before, and each time he has issued the same statement.

Richard C. Carrier, current Editor in Chief of the Secular Web, tells me that the internet has now become awash with rumors that I have converted to Christianity, or am at least no longer an atheist. Perhaps because I was born too soon to be involved in the internet world I had heard nothing of this rumour. So Mr. Carrier asks me to explain myself in cyberspace. This, with the help of the Internet Infidels, I now attempt.

Those rumours speak false. I remain still what I have been now for over fifty years, a negative atheist. By this I mean that I construe the initial letter in the word 'atheist' in the way in which everyone construes the same initial letter in such words as 'atypical' and 'amoral'. For I still believe that it is impossible either to verify or to falsify - to show to be false - what David Hume in his Dialogues concerning Natural Religion happily described as the religious hypothesis. The more I contemplate the eschatological teachings of Christianity and Islam the more I wish I could demonstrate their falsity.

And the reason he's repeatedly accused of believing in God? It seems the religious have difficulty with the English language, and cannot understand it when a philosopher writes about how the religious might react to cool stuff like Big Physics:

We negative atheists are bound to see the Big Bang cosmology as requiring a physical explanation; and that one which, in the nature of the case, may nevertheless be forever inaccessible to human beings. But believers may, equally reasonably, welcome the Big Bang cosmology as tending to confirm their prior belief that "in the beginning" the Universe was created by God...

...In short, I recognize that developments in physics coming on the last twenty or thirty years can reasonably be seen as in some degree confirmatory of a previously faith-based belief in god, even though they still provide no sufficient reason for unbelievers to change their minds. They certainly have not persuaded me.

Has Antony Flew ceased to be an atheist? - Rationalist International Bulletin 137, 12th December 2004 (via Gullibility is not in the Dictionary).

Bargain of the Day: Baseball Last Supper

Miracles do happen, and to mark a recent one, this Red Sox Supper print has been produced in a limited edition of 500.

Share in the celebration with this limited edition 40" x 20" Giclee Canvas Print! Hang it in your TV room, or order one for your sports bar! This print will last over 100 years and will go down in history as one of the best pieces of memorabilia to come from the biggest win in red sox history. Only 500 have been printed! Get yours now. ($149.99 US)

And for the well-off fan, an even more limited edition of TEN ONLY Special Edition GIGANTIC 40"(3'4") x 80"(6'8") Giclee Framed & Stretched Canvas Prints! is available for a mere $2,000.00 + $200 (S+H).

More impecunious fans can also buy the design as posters, on T-shirts and on mugs. (via Avedon).

December 12, 2004


Yesterday's Today was a balanced affair in which two Roman Catholic high heedyins, Rocco Buttiglione (the bigot who wasn't allowed to become the European Commissioner overseeing anti-discrimination law) and Archbishop of Westminster Cormac Murphy-O'Connor got to moan about how Christians are excluded from political and social life (like Tony Blair, perhaps). Roz Kaveney was listening to this programme, and to this morning's edition of Sunday, and was not impressed:

Cormac Murphy-O'Connor was clearly embarrassed to be in this company, but not so much so as to disavow it. And was very much taking the line that Christians are being persecuted by not automatically having the political power to impose their views on everyone.

This is very much the position of the Evangelical woman who wrote the report arguing that Christians faced persecution in a secular society and was talking on the Sunday Programme this morning. Apparently the occasional mockery of people who have faith is economic discrimination because there are jobs they feel unable to apply for. Part of the point here is that, given the way Christian groups exclude others from employment whenever they have the power to do so, and have managed to keep that right enshrined in law, this is pretty rich. The other is that, frankly, those of us who grew up queer, and live as queer in a society that her sort of Christian still has some power in, know a lot more about the experience of persecution than she can begin to imagine.

What she was offering is a softer version of the standard US Christian claim that Christians are being persecuted if they are not allowed to preach their message. Oddly, this tends to be about other people's sex lives, not about economic justice, a subject on which the Jesus of the Gospels had a lot to say.

December 11, 2004

Bargain of the Day: yet more simulacra

Need money for medical bills? Well why not scribble on a picture of Jesus and sell it, like the vendor of this 'miraculous' Jesus with image of Mother Mary appearing in robes:

This is truly a Miracle

This is the original coloring book drawing, colored by my wife and my 4 year old daughter, not a copy. It has been in our family bible for 25 years.

My wife was explaining to my daughter about Jesus, Heaven and the recent loss of her unborn child while they were coloring this picture of Jesus. While coloring the robes white, the image of Mother Mary appeared from nowhere. Image could not be seen before coloring. It is not on the back side of page. Mary痴 image was not found in the book on any page.

It is truly a miracle!

Must sell, due to health reasons, my wife will cry for days when this icon leaves the family bible

Still looks like wax over pencil to me.

December 10, 2004

Should've seen it coming

England: John Dee's crystal has been nicked from the Science Museum in London.

The crystal, used as a tool by mediums and for curing disease, belonged to maverick philosopher, mathematician and astrologer John Dee, a consultant to Elizabeth I.

He lived between 1527 and the turn of the 17th Century, becoming a leading authority on angel-magic and beliefs that man had the potential for divine power.

Also taken was a statement about the crystal's use by author and pharmacist Nicholas Culpeper, written on the reverse of ancient deed manuscripts in the mid-1600s.

Daylight Raid on Science Museum Gallery - The Scotsman, 10th December 2004 (via Steve).

Jesus was a poof! Pthrrrrpppp!!!!!

Scotland: An organisation of alleged Christians is upset about a play they have refused to see, and which played the Edinburgh Fringe to critical acclaim about five years ago.

Corpus Christi by American playwright Terence McNally, depicts Jesus and his disciples as gay men in a Texas town and is being performed at the Crawford Arts Centre in St. Andrews. The protestors, who haven't read the play either, insist that Jesus uses naughty words: I don't like Christ portrayed as a filthy, swearing, pervert. The play's director Zsuzsi Lyndsay, did not notice any of this, and had the strange belief that it contained a message that Christianity was for everyone, not just ignorant bigots:

She said: What we were trying to do is to reiterate the fact that Jesus is for everyone, not just for people who are straight but for homosexuals as well.

I have the deepest respect for their beliefs, I'd have even more respect for them though if they came to see the show and saw what they were picketing against.

I'm afraid that Jesus is not portrayed as a drunken, foul-mouthed messiah and if you read the play you would know that.

He doesn't say one bad word throughout the play.

One Born-Again Christian who saw the play, was much more sensible.

On leaving the opening night, she said: I consider myself a born again Christian and a lot of stuff which happened in that play, I could see as being offensive.

But we live in a world where stuff like this happens and you've to take these things with a pinch of salt.

You know what's going to happen in the play and I enjoyed it.

One member of extremists 'Christian' Voice did see enough of the play to give him an excuse to waste police time. The anonymous fundie has file a complain of blasphemy against Fife Constabulary, who are now obliged to investage rather than, say, catching rapists and murderers. The last public prosecution for blasphemy in Scotland was in 1843.

In the meantime, if you want to go and see the play, you're out of luck—its entire run has sold out.

Fury over 'gay Jesus' productionBBC News, 10th December 2004.

December 9, 2004

Deck the halls with boughs of fibre optic

Christian blog Going Jesus is celebrating Advent by posting a daily Nativities That Maybe Don't Need to Exist. Every example would be a Bargain of the Day here. So far, my favourite is the Chicken Nativity (I would really have to display this one in a creche made from a KFC bucket).

And that site also provides a related link:

This site is here to show those houses where the residents are likely celebrating a happy holiday, but have no sense of decency in how they choose to celebrate. We will show the garish, the ugly, the weird. For your own sake, and the sake of your neighbors, do not try this at home.

(Thanks, Charlotte.)

Bargain of the Day: simulacra cookbook

Want to Make! Money! Fast!? This Cooking Up Religious Icons CookBook! contains a few ideas:

Wow! This recipe book was inspired by the infamous Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Now you can cook up your own religious icons! Yes, your entire family will enjoy the wonder and awe of gathering around the dinner table to see if Peter, Paul, or ummm, Mary join in your feast. From a sizzling Jewish dish summoning those silly Rabbis of the past, to good 'ol Catholic pastries that may, and I stress MAY, produce images of those belt-yielding, knuckle- slapping nuns of your childhood days, this cookbook covers only the best! Whoo Hooo! Yum. Yum. And, how about Adam and Eve Apple Tarts! Yes indeed, nothin' says lovin' like tempting apple tarts.

25 personal recipies in total, from sinful deserts, heavenly main entrees, and even BREAD, this cookbook may unite your family like never before. lmagine any sinner simply cooking and eating their way to repentence!

Please note that I can cannot guarantee your personal results. Results do vary. Quality of cooking oil, location of home, elevation, angle of stove, overhead lighting, and your own personal disposition may determine results. However, that has yet to be determined. While I may have seen images of religious symbols when cooking from these recipies, I also believe that Martha Stewart is a Saint. OMG!! Wouldn't it be great if Martha's face showed up in the humble pie recipe! Note: Not responsible if John Lennon appears in any dish created.

Finally, if the bidding exceeds $2,000, I will gift to you a walking cane that does absolutely nothing but assist in leveraging a person that needs balance.

On-line casinos are highly encouraged to bid!!

December 6, 2004

Shifting the blame

United States: The family of a woman who allegedly murdered her daughter by cutting the child's arms off have decided it was the fault of her church.

By then, though, Schlosser's association with Davidson's church had intensified, Macaulay said.

He said Davidson used violent imagery and told women they possessed a rebellious Jezebel spirit, and that they should submit to their husbands, he said.

I'm not saying that anybody suggested 'Go cut your baby's arms off,' said Macaulay, a mental health counselor who lives with Schlosser's mother, Connie, in Canada. This diminishing of women, this diminishing of women's powers, women's importance, referring to women as jezebels, I think, further undermines an already fragile ego state that Dena's experiencing.

That's absurd, the 72-year-old minister said.

I'm an apostle and I'm a prophet, Davidson said. I only teach what's in the Bible and that's what makes them mad.

Davidson himself has demostrated Christian love in the past:

In September, Davidson was arrested on a public intoxication charge after a couple, longtime members of his church, called 911, alleging the minister attacked them at their home. Davidson said he was only trying to cast the devil out of the wife, who had become rebellious and rejected his teachings. He said he entered the home with the permission of her husband.

This was, naturally, Satan's attempt to discredit him.

Pastor Decried After Child's Arms Severed - The Guardian, 6th December 2004.

December 2, 2004

Conservative Correctness Agenda in Public Schools

United States: The loony fundies are rampant in Texas again. This time they're throwing a hissy fit over textbooks and, surprisingly enough, winning the fight to force their narrow minded, bigotted beliefs on the rest of the country.

Christian Conservatives on the Texas state Board of Education are rewriting textbooks to bring them in line with their neo-conservative social agenda. These are the same kinds of people who have been insisting for years that the liberals are driving their agenda in schools... but that seems to have been a case of Freudian Projection all along.

Where a textbook says something that doesn't agree with their warped take on reality, these people simply change the textbook. Here are some examples of changes proposed and changes in the past:
  • References to marriage must be defined as a lifelong union between a husband and a wife (not between two people, because that would imply that gays and lesbians married in Massachusetts, Canada or many parts of Western Europe actually exist).
  • References to partners become husbands and wives.
  • Adolescence brings about an attraction to the opposite sex" not attraction to others (even though adolescence plainly does bring about attraction to others of the same sex for gay youths, it isn't part of the universe that these conservatives accept, therefore it must be written out of the book.)
  • The last ice age took place in the distant past not millions of years ago (because the earth is only 6000 years old).
Unfortunately, because textbook publishers don't want to create separate editions of their books for the red states versus the blue states, large red states like Texas often end up getting their way, and religious and conservative convictions become hardwired into textbooks to promote a Conservative Correctness agenda in our public schools.

Revision Marches to Social Agenda - Los Angeles Times, 22th November 2004 (via

Better Late Than Never

United Kingdom: Seven hundred years after they were denounced as heretics and condemned to torture and death, the Knights Templar are calling for a public apology from the Roman Catholic Church.

The secretive organisation which was formed at the time of the Crusades has written to Pope John Paul II requesting that the Vatican officially atone for the persecution of the order.

The formal request for reconciliation to the Vatican has come from an English-based sept and is signed by the Council of Chaplains, for and on behalf of the acting Grand Master. The letter asks for an apology from the Vatican for the persecution of our brothers of the Knights Templar and the torture and murder of our leadership, under Pope Clement V during the 14th century AD.

December 1, 2004

Blaming the usual suspects

France: Authorities have called for a ban on a satellite TV station operated by Hezbollah after it blamed 'Zionists' for the spread of AIDS.

The CSA cited as evidence an al-Manar broadcast last week that spoke of Zionist attempts to transmit dangerous diseases like Aids through exports to Arab countries. The broadcast said Israel had no scruples about infecting Arabs and Muslims.

This latest rant comes just a week the station gained approval by pledging not to incite religious hatred.

'Zionists busy with Aids warefare' - IOL, 1st December 2004.

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