October 30, 2005

Yet Another Australian Cult Leader up on Child Sex Charges

Australia: Kenneth Emmanuel Dyers, co-founder of the self-styled spiritual healing group Kenja, was arrested yesterday at his house in Bundeena in Sydney's south over the alleged aggravated sexual and indecent assault of two 12-year-old girls. The 83-year-old cult leader is facing 22 sex charges and claims that the accusations are part of a witch-hunt by disaffected former members who are trying to destroy him.

Unlike the recently mentioned Kamm, Dyers was granted conditional bail. I suspect this is because he is less an obvious nutjob, but more likely, because he schmoozes with the right people.

Aside from the conspiracy rantings that this is a frame up by people he's ripped off in the past, Dyers reasoning for why he couldn't possibly have assaulted the children were interesting. One, he couldn't get it up:

Mr [Harland] Koops [Dyers's lawyer] said Dyers had fought and defeated in the High Court an unrelated sexual assault allegation in 1993. Applying for bail, Mr Koops said: There will be contrary medical evidence indicating that Mr Dyers has had erectile dysfunction for almost 15 years.

And two, Eastern Suburbs girls know better than to wind up in a locked room with a horny, old goat.

He also told the court teenage girls from Sydney's eastern suburbs should know how to say no.

He seems to be missing the point that it's not a matter of girls knowing how to say no, but of stupid men failing to grasp the concept of what no really means.

This isn't the first time Dyers has been up on sex charges. Coincidentally enough, the first cases would tie in nicely with the time that Dyers' purported erectile dysfunction problem started to appear.

For those not familiar with this particular cult, Kenja claims to be a non-religious, non-political personal communication training organisation. Which basically means that they won't mention gods but will still attempt to part you from your money with their $40 sessions, where a cult member will stare at you for half an hour or so.

Kenja like to follow the tried and true method of cult recruitment, by getting their hooks into kids. While smart enough to keep his cult out of direct contact with groups of children and teenagers, Dyers is not above sending his cult members out as apparent free agents to start brainwashing at an early age. I got to see this in action when I was a teenager. The cult member was quickly run off once they started to more overtly try to get people to come along to their sessions.

Man fronts court over multiple sex offence charges - ABC News Online, 28th October 2005.
Cult boss impotent, says lawyer [BugMeNot] - Sydney Morning Herald, 29th October 2005.

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$40 per session?!?! more like $132 per session!!!

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