February 15, 2006

Bargain of the Day: Mind Control Brain Washing Made Easy for Dummies

United States: Just when we thought we'd either broken QuePirate or he'd had a run-in with authorities, we discover that he just doesn't love us any more. He does, however, still have quite the thing for eBay.

This time he does appear to be offering a real item, usually it's something that only QuePirate can see.

[Clandestine UltraHarmonic Hypnotic Mind Controll Narcotic]DTMF
Clandestine UltraHarmonic Hypnotic Mind Controll Narcotic

[snipped the blurp about dual-tone-multi-frequency (DTMF) and its usage in phones that had been lifted from an electronics text]

The Point is, according to a full investigation into the matter gist'd above, there is no legitimate purpose for our electronic devicesto be emitting Ultra harmonic waves entering our brain's cranial cavity via our ear ducts. The only motive for doing so is its use in the application of Neuro Scientific manipulation of human minds based on Nazi clinical trials of various combinations of harmonic frequencies on human test subjects. The proof that such mind alteration is possible via ultra harmonic waves as a viable method of mind control is the fact that such a great effort and expese has been put into assuring that the public would be subjected to such sonic waves at will. Do you think these mad Nazi scientists know what the effects are to a baby's delicate mental state when exposed to such tests of the Emergency Broadcast System?

Scenario: What one man can do = PiED Piper.exe

Armed with intelligence of the various predetermined harmonic combinations and their correspondsing effects on human consciousness, and a medern cell phone, one can create on their PC, DTMF sound files which when loaded into a cell phones memory, the Call then Fax function can be used to ring somebody up and when they answer, the DTMF sound file will sing, frying that persons brain in the pressure cooker of their own skull. Conceivably, with further password intelligence, one can set up the phones and activate every DTMF device on the planet simultaneously. Think this scenario is a feasible project? Oh-Yeah! IZ

one ringy dingy... two ringy dingies...

There's another page of typically insane QuePirate speak sound bites, but I'll spare you the madness. It was bad enough having to type out his gibberish as it was and this is one of his more lucid efforts.

From what I can gather, QuePirate thinks that the beeps made by touch-tone phones will fry your brain when you listen to them. As anyone who has ever been trapped in an automated phone queue could tell you, it's the being on hold and having to jump through hoops that makes you want to throttle people, not the beeping as you navigate your way through the system.

I do have to laugh that QuePirate has classified his comic as Self-Help / Mental Health. If you're quick, QuePirate will also sign his self-publishing efforts of his serious yet funny comic book.

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Mind Control Brain Washing Made Easy for Dummies - eBay, 7th February 2006.

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Here's a link to the innocent freeware autodialler he urges us to "Download NOW" but neglects to mention from where.

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