June 21, 2006

Dear Sainsbury's,

Six months ago, you decided to cave in to fundamentalist religious bampots and remove the DVD of Jerry Springer: The Opera from sale in your stores. As a result I signed a pledge that I would not shop at your stores, nor those of the equally lily-livered Woolworth for a period of six months. At that time, Sainsbury's was the household's regular supermarket and we spent quite a bit of cash there. Now that the six months are up, how has it been?

One of the first things we did after signing the pledge was to sign up for an organic box delivery scheme. The box, stuffed full of veg, costs approximately the same as two punnets of mushrooms, a pack of tomatoes, a bag of tatties a bunch of carrots and a small bag of onions does at your stores, at least at the prices you were charging in September, and the stuff is delivered! No need to get the Volvo out and drive to a store full of too-bright lights, ill-behaved children and annoying music. What's more, the produce in the box is sourced as locally as possible so it hasn't travelled three times round the world to get to us. In an attempt to improve our diet, we signed up for a fruit box, and this week, we got a note saying that they will now be delivering other organic products as well.

We already had the bread machine. My partner really enjoys making bread with it and has been experimenting. There really is nothing nicer than fresh organic rye and wholemeal bread in the morning, and knowing it's not full of mysterious numbers of dubious veganity. The Trinity College Book Sale netted a book which explains the theory behind devising recipes for bread machines, so I imagine bread quality will improve further.

So what of the flour to make the bread, the tins of organic tomatoes, pulses and other staples? Well, the wholefood shop that does the box scheme is just up the road from here. We're there a little more often now. It's just off the main route to and from town, so it's easy just to pop in to pick up a couple of items. They're open quite late too. I really don't know why we didn't start doing this earlier - it's really much more convenient than schlepping out to the supermarket. Plus, the walk home, laden with food, is all downhill.

We live on a side street off a main road. The road contains two Chinese/East Asian supermarkets, several Indian/South Asian shops, two Polish delis (for when we are too lazy to make rye bread) and an Italian grocery that has the Royal Warrant from Brenda. All of these stores sell produce which is much more authentic, better quality and cheaper (yes, even the posh Italian place) than your supermarkets. For those occasions when a supermarket really would be useful, there are three branches of the Co-op, including a 24-hour shop (for when I need tofu at 3am) and a large superstore. I will confess to having used that superstore, but that's because they sell the really nice vegan refried beans in small tins. That's about all I buy from there.

It's pretty easy to get a bus to Tollcross from here. Tollcross is a fairly exciting part of town - there are shops selling Mexican and South African foods, as well as more Chinese supermarkets.

As you can see, we're eating pretty diversely. I always did have a taste for Indian food, but I've discovered a lot more variety since I started making greater use of local shops. As the organisation you listened to has connections with the BNP, I can't see how I can possibly trust you to continue selling any 'ethnic' products at all.

So, all in all, the boycott has taught me to live without supermarkets and, you know, I'm not suffering as a result. In fact I feel much happier knowing I can eat much healthier, more diverse, food and spend less on it. I'm afraid you've lost a customer not for six months, but permanently. So long!

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And I thought I was the only one who felt so outraged at the spineless behaviour of those who run sainsbos and woolies

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