June 23, 2006

The Revelation of the User

The Left Behind video game has caused comment about its excessively violent content of the sort that fundies would usually complain about, but it turns out that it has an even more sinister side—the game apparently comes with a load of spyware.

Developers have incorporated software from an Israeli firm called Double Fusion. It incorporates video advertising and product placement into the game, and reportedly records players' behaviour, location, and other data to be uploaded to Left Behind's Bible-powered marketing machine.

Maybe it's all the US government trying to keep track of violent religious lunatics?

Evangelical apocalyptic schlockfest snoops on gamersThe Register, 23rd June 2006 (thanks Charlie).


I don't think the US government is clued up enough to potential religious terrorists that way. The NSA, definitely, but they have their own agenda.

The loons from the religious right, on the other hand, have never been shy about finding new and exciting ways to extort money from the gullible. I wouldn't look any firther.

I'm obviously getting too dry in my old age, after all, it's clear that the US government is only interested in violent Islamist loons, and definitely not those nice violent Christian loons.


"Maybe it's all the US government trying to keep track of violent religious lunatics?"

They should try having a look inside the shite, sorry white house.

Probably in there to make sure we heathens don't get to play the game. Does anyone know if the game is any good btw? Or is it just relying on happy clappy purchasers?

As far as I can tell, it's just a first-person shooter of the variety that's good for short-term stress relief but not a lot else. The screenshots I've seen suggest that the graphics aren't exactly state of the art, and the explanatory text on them looks as if it's been written by one of Guy Bowling's pupils.


Hey Feorag, are youse guys OK? You haven't posted anything for a month. I HOPE you are just having a good holiday... I miss you.


Feòrag is currently in my neck of the woods in Australia. Unfortunately, the place she's staying has something of a problem connecting Macs to the dodgy proprietry broadband service on offer. Hopefully, she'll be back online next week.

neither true witches, nor true fundamentalists will bear or ever have borne the rule over this planet. The controversy on the orientating of the broomstick prior to attempting flight upon/with it, is a perfect example of why Not. Inquisition, and or Fundamentalist mentalities to the contrary, These people and their issues were/are simply Pawns, agents provocature, for those who have and are now holding the sway. People who are in Power, never left the outcome of world events to providence, regardless of what they say/said. Do not be decieved. The Powers that Be, are The Powers that Do. When one cannot Do, then one is no Power. Witches and Warlocks, and fundamentalists, and Inquistors be damned, they must Do something, in order to Be Powerful. Spells, and prayers, and curses be damned, there must be a Power that does something, or there is nothing at all.

Who else feels that their life would be more complete if only they understood what the fuck reidh was going on about?


Not me, but then I suspect reidh's life would be more complete if they understood even half of whatever it was they were going on about.

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