October 31, 2006

That time of year again

A quick round-up of seasonal news:

As is usual, the Prattle Towers resident black cat has no fears whatsoever, and plans to spend the entire day and night getting in her regular beauty sleep. She's more bothered by fireworks than witches, the latter being more likely to stop and stroke her.

One final piece of sheer religious bigotry that isn't strictly hallowe'en based, but fits in nicely with all the silliness above: Spring Hill residents scratch heads over headless animalsSt. Petersburg Times:

SPRING HILL - The 666 phone prefix is enough proof for some. For others, it's the nightclub Saints and Sinners, or the scorching sun that can turn summer into a living hell.

But for some, there's another sign of Spring Hill's proximity to the Land of Lucifer: a rash of decapitated animals.

I'm sure there's a coven of witches or devil worshipers around here, said Sandi Bosset, 61, who has been finding headless hens and roosters on her front lawn. These are obvious rites of witchcraft and Satanism.

Over the past few weeks, chickens, quail and goats have been found in trash bins and on the side of the road.

Could this be the work of Santeros? Or Satanists? Or school kids turned psycho?

There are, of course, only three options we need to consider: teenagers, someone in need of care in the mental health system, or a teenager in need of care in the mental health system.

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It's sad that there are so many people out there who do not understand what Wicca and other pagan religions are truly about. Correction, they not only don't understand, they also don't care to open their minds and actually learn.

I just do my part, circumspectfully, to clarify misconceptions...of course whomever I talk to needs to be open-minded and willing to listen and hopefully accept what they hear.

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