January 1, 2007

Annual end-of-the-world post 2007

Yet again, the doomsayers have let us down, and the world spectacularly failed to end in 2006. Nor was there any sign of Jesus' return, so it's time, again, to see how we will meet our collective end in 2007. It looks like it will be much busier than last year.

A page entitled ARMAGEDDON 2007 EZEKIEL 4 TIME PROPHECY JERUSALEM ISRAEL PROPHECIES, on the web site of Signs of the End Ministries looks like a promising start. This particular prophecy is actually four prophecies, based on interpreting Biblical 'days' as literal years. The 40-day prophecy is most interesting, and links the Six Days War 40 years ago with Ezekiel 4:16:

1967 The Jews conquer old Jerusalem (East Jerusalem) during the Six-day War. For the first time in almost 2000 years the old city is in Jewish possession again. The Jews, however, have an enormous problem. They are compelled to share sacred ground with uncircumcised Christians and the hated Moslems. Thus the city is still under siege! The Almighty revealed to Ezekiel that this will remain the case until 2007, and for every day of these 40 years the Jews will

eat bread … with fearfulness and drink water … in dismay (Ezekiel 4 verse 16).

Think about these words when again you hear or read of bloody bomb and other terrorist attacks in Jerusalem.

Massive carnage is predicted for Jerusalem, and there's nothing earthlings can do to prevent it!, all part of the most destructive war ever to be waged on this planet.

Our old favourite, To Infinity And Beyond! suspects this type of prophecy will cause the hype and hysteria that calmed down after 2000 to heat up again to scorching as the year goes on

Last year, T.Chase felt the need to preface his site with a dire warning. Now he has his own domain and regards adverts as the most important preface to his message (Adblock works well). He is still convinced that Vladimir Putin is the Antichrist, and is now focussed on Armageddon in 2010, but with plenty of interesting prophecies for tthe time leading up to that date:

The most recent video is on the possibility that the Battle of Armageddon is in year 2010, and that Russian President Putin is the Antichrist, with something occurring in May - August 2007 that will bring Putin to full Antichrist power, beginning the 3 1/2 years End Times of disastrous world events that last May 2007 - November 2010. And I will now be updating this web site for 2007. I have made a major revision in my calendar timetable on this page and the calendar page, I now think the Battle of Armageddon with the defeat of the Antichrist Putin is in Nov. 2010, but critical events related to the rise of the Antichrist Putin occur in May 2007-Aug. 2007, with the world wide disasters of the End Times period occurring from May 2007 - Nov. 2010 (war, terrorism, economic chaos, disease plagues, the Antichrist, earthquakes, asteroids hit earth, etc.).

The calendar page is where the timetable for armageddon is set out, using Bible Codes, psalms and astrology as a guide. The Bible Codes tell us, without dates, that a tsunami will hit the east coast of the United States, al-Qaida might use nuclear weapons and will use germ warfare, there will be outbreaks of ebola and mad cow disease, a giant star will go supernova and, most dramatically, an asteroid hits in the ocean, causing a giant tidal wave, and splitting into 7 pieces, so 7 impacts; and also a disease plague. Despite the lack of dates, perhaps July 7th 2007 would be an appropriate date for this last forecast? The psalms are similarly vague in their timing, and even vaguer in their content. The method used is to assign each psalm to a year, starting in 1901, so that psalm 107 is the relevant one for this year:

Psalm 107 has words that could be about disasters in 2007: shadow of death, gates of death, their soul is melted. Lines 25-29 describe high waves from a storm: which lifteth up the waves thereof. They mount up to the heaven, they go down again to the depths. This may be describing the tidal wave from an asteroid impact in 2007, possibly indicated by a King James Bible Code matrix…. Or some disaster occurring in August 2007…

There then follows detailed coverage, too much to mention here. I will note that he too considers the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War to be important:

June 7, 2007. 40th anniversary of June 7 1967 when the Israeli army entered Jerusalem during the Six Day War. Note that 40 years is associated with a period of testing in the Bible. So a critical time for Jerusalem and Israel could be June 7 2007. Perhaps Muslim armies with nuclear weapons will then be heading towards Jerusalem.

And also that 777 is as significant as 666:

July 7 2007 (777, Cross in Greek!) is 666 months (55.5 years) from the possible Putin conception date of Jan. 7 1952, which was Christmas Day in Russia, see the Putin page for more on it. Possible in 2007: an asteroid hits in the ocean, causing a giant tidal wave, and breaking into 7 pieces causing 7 impacts; see this page. Out of the resulting chaos from an asteroid impact and the ocean tidal wave, Putin could rise to power as Antichrist, as the Antichrist rises out of the sea in Revelation 13, and the chaos from this asteroid collision could result in war in the Middle East. And also in 2007: the giant star Eta Carinae could turn into a bright supernova in the Southern Hemisphere, possibly effecting the earth's ozone layer; see this page on Bible Code matrices on it.

July 7, 2007. 7/7/07 (777). See the page on Greek, where I show that 777 in Greek corresponds to the word Cross, which is interesting since 666 is the number of the Antichrist in Revelation 13, and 888 corresponds to Jesus in Greek. This also indicates a significant event may be in July-August 2007. Especially since 7/7/07 or 777 is 666 months from the possible Putin conception date of Jan. 7 1952!

Mothers-to-be will be most interested in whatever method he uses to determine these things with such accuracy.

The Six Day War link seems to be the big theme this year. At Endtime Bible Prophecy we read that the generation that will not pass away would seem to refer to the generation in place in 1967, and therefore, depending on how long a generation is (and the Bible disagrees with itself on this matter), this would put the end of this generation in the year 2007, 2037, or 2087. Pat Robertson thinks it relevant, too:

I want to show you a scripture that Jesus Christ gave us in the book of Luke. Here's what He had to say: They will fall by the sword and be taken as prisoners to all the nations. And Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles will be fulfilled.

The year 586 B.C. was the time that Nebuchadnezzar took over Jerusalem, and that condition lasted, ladies and gentlemen, until the Six Day War that took place not too long ago. When did it happen? 1967. So it's almost 2,500 years we're looking at. This is A.D. The Jews took over Jerusalem for the first time since Nebuchadnezzar took it. Now what is the significance of all this?

How does America fit into all of this? At this point of time, a clock began to tick. A generation is 40 years, and a clock began to tick that said there's 40 years from 1967. He said this is the generation of the end of the Gentiles. Now the Gentile powers went from Nebuchadnezzar through Persia, through Greece, through Rome.

He continues in this vein for quite some time, never exactly saying what he means, accusing the Palestinians of being a bunch of rapists and informing us that the final battle is going to be Jerusalem. And all of the nations - UN, EU - the European Union, Russia and the USA - the so-called quartet - are going to be moving in power against the Jews to force them into an untenable peace.. Robertson has been claiming that the earth will be destroyed on 29th April 2007 since 1990, when he published this prediction in The New Millennium.

A detailed timetable, 3.5 year Great Tribulation: Apr, 2004 - Sep, 2007, indicates that we are already in the midst of experiencing God's wrath, which started with three comets hitting the earth last summer (must've missed that somehow) and that the Christians will be raptured by the autumn. Marilyn Agee agrees and, in her book Exit: 2007: The Secret of Secrets Revealed, places the Rapture on September 13th 2007.

August 2007 will be interesting, but the forecasters at ThreeWorldWars are not saying what will happen yet. Their previous prediction, that an earthquake or other natural disaster would topple the Petronas Towers on 6th June 2006, suggests that they have something big in mind.

The Second Coming is an important precursor to the end of the world for many Christians and, like most years, Jesus will be back this year. Here's one (anonymous) argument for why we might be able to start LOOKING for Him during the YEAR 2007, OR SHORTLY THEREAFTER. Even the Weekly World News got in on the act, but using the Jewish calendar this time. This from To Infinity and Beyond! again:

March 26, 2007 CE - Let's stop off for a little prophetic nosh from that bastion of credibility, The Weekly World News. It seems that on the stroke of the 7th hour of the 7th day of the 7th Hebrew month of 2007, (that would be Nisan, calculating from Tishri, which falls in September of 2006) Jesus will simulcast his big comeback in every capital city in the world. The WWN doesn't bother to say what sort of deal the Boss's kid makes for the smaller markets or anyone who still doesn't get cable.

It's not only Christians who are awaiting their messiah, and there have been some forecasts from Muslims who believe Imam Mahdi will appear, and exactly when is discussed.

There are various versions of the exact day of his reappearance. Some say it would be Friday and the date will be Ashura or the 10th of Moharram, the heart-rending martyrdom anniversary of his illustrious ancestor, Imam Husain (AS). Others say the date will be the 25th of the month of Zil-Qa’dah and may coincide with the Spring Equinox or Nowrooz as the Iranians call. A saying attributed to the Prophet's 6th infallible heir, Imam Ja'far Sadeq (PBUH) says the Mahdi will appear on the Spring Equinox and God will make him defeat Dajjal the Impostor or the anti-Christ as the Christians say, who will be hanged near the dump of Kufa.

We mustn't forget Nostradamus. Here are predictions for the first part of 2007 (war between the US and China, terrorist atrocities, Seattle earthquake and floods) and the second part (Alaska/Canada tsunami, great fireballs, ISS crash, Russia attacks Israel).

Another series of predictions were given by the Virgin Mary to four girls in Spain in the 1960s including a warning from God. Michael McClellan, who also brought us the Nostradamus revalations above, connects this with a dramatic string of comet fragments which will be visible in the spring of 2007:

If 73P-B and 73P-C are the "two stars" of the Garabandal Warning, then sometime in May or June 2006 they will approach earth and crash in space, then in early spring 2007 The Miracle will occur, leaving physical evidence of its appearance. What form The Miracle will take we do not know, but in 1971 Conchita did narrow the months down to March, April, or May, insisting that it will not occur in either February or June. That brings us then to October 2007, 2008 or 2009 for The Chastisement which will also come from outer space.

So, to summarise: The Warning will be a catastrophe from space that, at the last second, will miraculously terminate far enough away to spare this planet and its inhabitants (we hope). The Chastisement will be a catastrophe from space that will succeed in causing great destruction to earth and its inhabitants. This will likely take the form of Planet X as it reaches it closest point to earth, a large celestial object also known by the ancient names of Nibiru and Marduk and the biblical prophetic name of Wormwood. Both will bring great terror as mankind watches and awaits.

So, a busy year then. In case you are feeling worried, here's how the world ended in 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003.


Pat Robertson has predicted a mass killing in the US for late in the year.

In what has become an annual tradition of prognostications, religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Tuesday God has told him that a terrorist attack on the United States would result in mass killing late in 2007.

I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear, he said during his news-and-talk television show The 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting Network. The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that.

Robertson said God told him during a recent prayer retreat that major cities and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack, which should take place sometime after September.

So, will this be a non-Christian terrorist attack? The Christian ones seem to get ignored.

But how can it happen in the autumn if the world is going to be destroyed on the 27 April?

Now really. Don't they know George W. Bush is the Antichrist! D.D.

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