May 19, 2007

Phelps clan to help relieve famine in Africa

United States: A month ago, I mentioned an amusing parody of the Westboro Baptist Church, a version of We are the World redone as God Hates the World. Well, it turns out it really was Westboro Baptist Church, and the record company who released the original song has taken a break from harassing grannies with no computer and three-year-old children and had their lawyers send Phelps a letter.

Now, the Phelps are lawyers themselves, so you'd think they'd know better, but is seems that copyright law is not their speciality, going by their response.

The Phelps Clan responded with a letter, in which they claim their version of We Are The World is a parody, and, therefore "fair use."

And, in an earlier version of the story from the same source:

But an attorney for Westboro Baptist Church says the parody, God Hates the World, is protected under First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and religious expression.

This second point may be true, but it's not actually relevant. Usefully for us, 49News went and had a chat with Andrew Torrance, a law professor who specialises in intellectual property, and it seems the law is pretty clear:

He says if this case goes to court, the ruling will be determined by whether the Phelp's [sic] song is judged as a parody or a satire.

A parody is a song that pokes fun at the original version, but a satire takes an original body of work to send out a completely different message than the original version.

He suggested the only way the Phelps can win the case is if they claim it is specifically about Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie, who wrote the original charity song.

One matter that the story fails to address is, if the song is a protected parody, who is it parodying? Could the Westboro Baptist Church really realise that their policies and practices are so laughable that they need to take the piss out of themselves.

Phelps under fire for making music49News, 18th May 2007; Phelps under fire for changing lyrics to popular song49News, 18th May 2007.



You silly people. We're making fun of the notion that Michael Jackson and his crowd of perverts could teach this world to hold hands, unite, disobey God, and change His standard and word. We did so very effectively. That is the ESSENCE of parody, which you would know if you actually ever read a case.

The real reason Warner and all you mutts are in a snit is because we hit the bullseye. You think you're smarter than God. You think you know more than God. You think you can defy the laws of God -- WHICH DO NOT CHANGE -- and get away with it. You Doomed americans think if you call yourselves the "super power" that immunizes you from the duty to obey the commandments of your Creator. Your entertainers give you sedatives, which you love. That song -- We Are the World -- is a classic example of your sedatives. You sway and clap and pretend all is well, pretending you fix that mess in Africa WHICH GOD DID TO THAT NATION FOR ITS APOSTASY MANY YEARS AGO -- and you can't! We're parodying the very concept of the song. And it stings!

Instead of crying like a bunch of little girls, get a Bible, read it, and obey. Now THAT is a good plan. :-)

Hooray! Is this a successful troll or another spoof?


You Doomed americans—Red Wolf, do you see any Americans round here? Nope, thought not. Inability to read is common in fundies, especially ones who tell us to read their Big Book of Fairy Tales, and the nationality of Prattle contributors is clearly given on the site.

That song -- We Are the World -- is a classic example of your sedatives.—Nope, it's a heap of sanctimonious shite that (other) people only bought because the money was going to a humanitarian cause.

Africa ... THAT NATION—Well, at least we know we have a stupid American on our hands.

APOSTASY—A stupid Amercian that can't spell. I suppose it means we have someone pretending to be a Phelps, because they at least would be able to spell basic religious terminology like that one.

Instead of crying like a bunch of little girls, get a Bible, read it, and obey—Read it. One needs to have multiple personalities to obey it, as it is as inconsistent as you would expect any compilation of ancient myths filtered through several languages to be. Plus, one of those languages is the language of pædophile FAGS! And it's the Jesus bits that are in Ancient Greek. It's a FAG book, and its readers are condemned to burn in HELL with all the other FAG LOVERS! Oops, sorry, that was far too grammatical and logical to be a good parody. Never understood the obsession with tobacco smoking anyway.

It's like a celebrity encounter. Or possibility a close encounter on public transport with that mentally unstable woman who insists that she's your new best friend.

This is definitely the work of a loon. The whole sticky capslock key is always a dead giveaway. The question of whether on not this is really Margie Phelps needed a little further research.

I tried googling the comment to see if it's a cut and paste job across several sites, but no joy. It will take a few days for this post to filter through to Google, which makes me wonder how the hell she found it so fast.

However, further Google searching did turn up some interesting patterns of behaviour. I'm going to link to the article itself, so you can get an idea of exactly what sets this troll off. Just run a search for Margie Phelps and you'll usually find her biting commentary further down the page.

Westboro Baptist Church Will Protest The Funerals of Slain VT Students

You'll need to hit the collapsed link for this one. If a comment is deemed abusive by members, it will be collapsed so as not to further feed the troll. To comment on Newsvine, you need an account. Margie signed up with the sole purpose of trolling this single post. The format of her Vine domain matches the email address used to troll the Prattle.

From the comment, Margie thinks that all liberals are atheists; under-aged sex, divorce, homosexuality, adultery and independent thought are all signs of the devil; Bush is a pissant; god is a terrorist; and has her own ignorant and incorrect fantasy about the Virginia Tech gunman. She also seems to think that no one bar herself has actually read the bible, even though she happily cherry-picks the bits that suit her own delusional hate-mongering.

Of course, the sticky capslock key is again in effect, but we gain a new lead on following her electronic papertrail of trolldom. She likes to sign off with Magormissabib. The name means fear on every side and is a pretty good indicator that Margie is in dire need of a tin foil beanie.

Westboro Baptist Church comments at newsite

Again we have the inability to spell and complete cluelessless about where the site owner is based. Bene is Canadian and Margie accuses him of being a Yank. I'm sure there are sections of Canada where this is a hanging offence. Her taglines this time are perverts in the media and the united sates of sodom.

Westboro Baptist responds to my NPR column

This time Margie can't even get gender right. For someone who insists that everyone obey her big book of fables, she seems to be an extraordinarily poor fact-checker. You would have thought fact-checking would be a required skill for lawyers. Silly me, the Phelps cult gives the impression that they wouldn't know a fact if it fell on them from the sky.

Media mutts turns up in this missive, as does the amusing little tinker toy computer. Oh, how biting the wit.

Interestingly enough, ex-cultist and family member Nate Phelps, takes a stick to his sister in the comments.

To my visitors: Why are you connecting Fred Phelps, Westboro Church & Virginia Tech?

Another mindless descent into name-calling and an insistence that only she has read the bible. Obviously not enough to obey it, but Margie does seem to think the world revolves around her.

Group Will Form a Human Wall Around Westboro Baptist Protestors

Mention of another hate-filled rant from Margie, with a comment at the end from the wingnut herself. This would seem to indicate that she's just another troll and attention-whore. There's no such thing as bad publicity in her mind and any mention of her cult is free publicity.

Fun With Idiots, Part 2

Kit takes great joy in baiting the Phelps women, who fall over themselves to prove her point. Just when you thought it wasn't possible for Margie to look any dumber, she pulls out all stops and sinks further into the grip of insanity.

VFW Bikers Drown Out Phelps Funeral Protest

A rather lame tag-team display of stupid in the comments by the Phelps sisters. Nothing new here, it's the same repetitive, hate-filled rantings of people too cowed by their grand poohbah to think for themselves.

Give Fox News A Gold Star

Margie did manage to miss calling an ex-pat living in Taiwan an American, but I'm sure that was an oversight. She was way too busy with the astounding You look like a pile of fat babies throwing a fit rant to fit it in. Why is it that all of her rants look like she's talking about herself?

LOY: ACLU helps Phelps onto podium

I'm amused that Margie's repetitive shut your mouth and OBEY does not seem to apply to her, but then she openly proclaims that the law does not apply to her either. An odd comment from someone who claims to be a lawyer.

Part IV: A Tsunami of Stupid

Again we have a sterling example of the pot calling the kettle black with the delightful: most vicious filthy vile hateful hypocritical violent lazy slobs who ever drew breath. Another interesting snippet is: punching women and children. Isn't that how Papa Phelps raised his brood?

It appears that somebody has given a monkey a typewriter. All the comments and rants have the same flair for the stupid and the signature loony fundie love of uppercase.

I see that mutts turns up as a description for patriotic, veteran bikers who banded together to shield family members at a funeral from the cult on parade and also seems to be a favoured descriptive of journalists. It's all very repetitive and dull.

Nothing quite says bampot like drooling on a keyboard with a disengaged brain. Forgive me for implying that she has a brain, I'm sure the captive breeding program of the Phelps clan has long ago removed the organ for independent thought from their gene pool.

Impressive research there, Red Wolf. I managed to forget to mention that, if our troll is as female as her name suggests (and you never can tell with Americans), is that she herself is not obeying the book she wants us to re-read. I mean, look at 1 Timothy 2:11-12, which clearly says that women should shut the fuck up on matters of religion, and not try to teach it.

Apparently, from discussion elsewhere, I am being unfair in criticising her spelling as "apostasy" is an acceptable spelling.

Add to that 1 John 4:20:

4:20 If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

Oh, and Ms. Phelps, we don't think we're smarter than God. We think we're smarter than you.

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