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November 27, 2007

An animated mass debate

Scotland: BloodSpell is a work of machinima—a computer animation made using video games. It's fantasy, and, as you might expect, there are some people out there who have difficulty understanding the meaning of that word. Such people base their lives on a very early example of the genre, and are unable to differentiate between fantasy and real life. And so it was that someone styling themselves The Enemy turned up in a forum dedicated to the production. He didn't enjoy it.

While the technique of Machinima to make such a film is both novel and well done given the limitations of the craft, the film itself wasn't worth the 1.5 hours to sit through. I can't imagine anyone being so captivated by this disgusting idea that they'd surrender 3 YEARS of their life to make it into a movie.

And what did he find disgusting about it? Well, it seems that the fantasy world it's set in isn't one that obeys the rules of one of the characters in his favourite fantasy book. He presents us with a list of objections (all religious)

1) Worship of angels - Forbidden in the real Scriptures.
2) Human sacrifice to angels - At no time throughout the Scripture is a human blood sacrifice ever encouraged or commanded.
3) Alligance with demons - Summoning demonic spirits may make for an interesting game to allow for all kinds of digital carnage and outlandish artwork, but playing with Satan's host is no laughing matter.
4) Demonic fight against the angel - Of course, with a volutary human blood sacrifice used to kill the angel which demanded both blood and worship, I'm at a loss as to whether the angel wasn't actually a Satanic figure himself who "appears as an angel of light". Lucifer means "star of the dawn".
5) Anti-Catholic - While no doubt that y'all have more reason to resent the Catholic church than us in the States, and, no doubt, they're guilty of the past and present crimes that they've committed, this film is hardly a truce to the hostilities, is it?
6) Anti-Christian? - However, you didn't attack "Catholics" or "Cardinals" or "priests" or "Popes", did you? You attacked "the church", the attendees of "churches", any moral standard, all bounds of restraint, and everyone who holds to such a standard.

He then complains further, in an utterly non-bigoted way, and attacking no-one at all:

Why is it that you can't bash homos or spicks or niggers or wetbacks, but you can bash a Christian who's just trying to live their own lives in peace with their God? Instead, you make a film that calls all people who worship anything other than themselves, their own lusts, and their own power the enemy.

November 24, 2007

The Atheist Blogroll

The Atheist Blogroll was getting too long for the sidebar, so this entry contains the list of all the blogs in it.

It's not just the Roman Catholic Church, part blah blah blah

Religion seems to be a popular theme right now amongst child abusers. Here's a few recent stories:

  • Israel: An influential member of an ultra-orthodox Jewish group who fled to the US 20 years ago amid accusations that he sexually abused children while pretending to be a rabbi faces extradition to Israel. Israel May Extradite Sex Abuse SuspectAssociated Press, 19th November 2007.
  • United States: The Jehovah's Witnesses have settled nine lawsuits alleging church policies protected men who sexually abused children for many years. New evidence in Jehovah's Witness allegationsMSNBC, 21st November 2007.
  • Canada: A (now former) Jehovah's Witness elder has been jailed for the sexual abuse of a teenage girl he was supposed to be counselling. Jehovah's Witness elder gets three years for sexual, 9th November 2007.
  • United States: A recently-deceased pastor who faced child abuse allegation admitted French kissing young girls. Pastor Bob Gray Admitted to Kissing Young GirlsFirst Coast News, 21st November 2007.
  • United States: Pastor accused of child rape ruled with an iron handSeattle Post-Intelligencer, 9th November 2007.
  • United Kingdom: A retired vicar who administered for the Church of England in Northamptonshire has been charged with sexual abuse of young boys more than 20 years ago. Former vicar in sex caseNorthampton Chronicle and Echo, 31st October 2007.
  • Australia: A child protection group has called on the Anglican Church to defrock a priest due for release from jail tomorrow after serving time for child sex offences.Call to defrock pervert priestThe Courier Mail, 7th November 2007.
  • United Kingdom: Thousands of files will be examined in an independent review checking for past cases of sex abuse involving clergy, the Church of England has announced. Church abuse case review outlinedBBC News, 26th October 2007.

And on the ongoing scandal in the Roman Catholic Church:

And finally, a gratuitous bampot:

Brethren Smearing the Greens in Tasmania Again

Australia: For a cult that loudly proclaims how it doesn't vote, the Exclusive Brethren seem to have extraordinary difficulty in staying the hell out of politics. Their latest bout of interference has been to send a letter to the citizens of Tasmania warning them about the evilness of Greens leader Bob Brown.

Considering their usual dabbling in politics comes in the form of smear campaigns that are either unsigned or attributed to dodgy shelf companies, this one was signed off by 51 cult members.

November 14, 2007

Darwin's Guide to Curse Removal

Two recent stories have highlighted the extremes to which people will go to rid themselves of their imaginary enemies.

New Zealand: A woman was drowned by her relatives in an attempt to rid her of a curse.

Janet Moses, a mother of two, was held under water in an attempt to drive away a makutu, or Maori curse. Containers holding an extensive amount of water were brought into the lounge of the house, in Wellington, for the ceremony...

The exorcism ritual was held because the woman's relatives believed a curse had been put on her after another member of her family stole a taonga, meaning treasured artefact, belonging to someone else.

India: A man has married a dog to help rid himself of a curse he believes he brought upon himself by stoning two other dogs to death.

Fifteen years back Selvakumar was physically fit. But, once he attacked a pair of dogs and thereafter Kumar could not move his limbs freely, the relative, Ramu, told the BBC.

He tried every cure for his ailment but could not be rid of his disability.

“On the advice of an astrologer and others, he decided to marry a bitch to get cured. Then we arranged Selvakumar's marriage with a bitch.

One wonders if such marriages are consummated.

Woman drowns during exorcism ceremonyThe Guardian, 12th November 2007; Man marries bitch to beat curseBBC News, 13th November 2007.

November 11, 2007

Cult Caught Kiddie Fiddling Again

Australia: It appears that the bampots in the Exclusive Brethren have been breeding paedophiles again. By now I expect no one will be surprised that not only was the alleged paedophile a church leader at one point and was the trustee of a private Brethren school. No doubt wangling his way into that position, one he was reportedly very active in, to get closer to his victims.

This is the third case of kiddie fiddling that's been brought to light in the past 12 months, but the cult deny any pattern of behaviour. Between paedophilia, child abuse and the destruction of families, the Exclusive Brethren is not looking like is a terribly safe place to be.

November 8, 2007

Court Report

The courts have been busy today, it seems.

Scotland: Police attended a séance in an attempt to find the killer of a Dundee woman in 1980. Fortunately, they didn't take it seriously.

Mr Robertson, who was a detective constable at the time, said there had been subdued lighting.

The officers had held hands, although not in an affectionate way.

I can recollect, possibly, at some time the woman was induced through some form of hypnosis to go to a spirit guide who took her to another area, he said.

The medium then gave information which he did not think had any bearing on the case.

I can say it was never considered to be a serious line of inquiry, added Mr Robertson.

He said the séance did not last long because the woman was unable to continue her charade.

Spain: God, it seems, has taken time off from worrying about pooves, and returned to His old trick of telling people to kill one another. In this case, He told a British man to kill and eat his girlfriend:

Following his arrest in 2004, Durant wrote to a British newspaper from his prison cell in Spain, saying that he had been driven to kill and eat Durrell by messages delivered to him by God via his television.

After I killed her I cut her body into small parts, eating what part of her I found eatable. I finally disposed of what was left in small rubbish bags around Calpe, he wrote.

My mental state was breaking down at this stage. I believed God had delivered her to me and I was getting messages from the telly.

Durant admitted manslaughter, and also told the court he had killed two people in the UK, including a man he claims abused him as a child. God's role in these killings was not explained.

Woods murder police 'held séance'BBC News, 8th November 2007; British man faces jail over 'message from God' killingThe Guardian, 8th November 2007.

Preacher's extradition ordered

Kenya/United Kingdom: It's been a while since we've heard anything about "Miracle Babies" preacher Gilbert Deya, but that does not mean the case has gone away. There have been a couple of developments in the last few days. Most recently, a British court has ordered that Deya be extradited to Kenya to face child stealing charges. His wife, Mary, has already been convicted on similar charges. He won't be going home any time soon, though, as there is a long appeals process.

Some interesting allegations were made during the extradition hearing. One woman claimed that Deya had assaulted her in order to make her believe she had conceived a "miracle baby"

Extradition ordered for preacherBBC News, 8th November 2007; Miracle baby mother 'assaulted'icSouthLondon, 6th November 2007.

Guess what?

It didn't take long for the first conspiracy theories concerning the Finnish school shootings to emerge. First up is Peter Farley with his The Finnish School Shootings and Implanted Programming, which starts by reminding us that nothing happens by chance:

The school shooting in Finland is not a random chaotic act as the New World Order would want us all to believe. These kids are programmed for such acts just like Manchurian Candidates and those in the old Charles Bronson movie, Telefon. We see only about 1% of what's actually taking place around us when all we do is look at the 3D world of day-to-day sight and sound -- the metaphoric tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The other 99% lies somewhere beneath the level of this 3rd dimensional seeing and hearing, and are the real causes and effects of everything we are living every second of the day.

He goes on to explain all about etheric implants cylindrical objects which he says are placed in people's chests and which, surprise surprise, he can remove for you. It all sounds terribly dramatic.

Many people have negative programming and devices installed in their etheric fields somewhere for purposes, conscious or unconscious, not in alignment with their own Higher Will. Over the past week one person who requested my help turned out to have just such etheric implants that would have made him what Guidance called 'a saboteur'. Before we could go anywhere with him two 'cylindrical devices' implanted in his chest 'etherically' needed to be removed. These were like the detonating mechanisms we see in movies about nuclear weapons being exploded. Both had combination locks on them that needed to be worked before these devices could be lifted free and thrown into the Light for disposal. Many times in such work it unbelievably comes down to a matter of cutting the red wire or the blue wire, and thank God for Guidance.

Naturally, he has an idea of who is behind all this. Or his patient does -- it's hard to tell:

My guess is the implants are from a reptilian/grey connection. As to a saboteur, I've done a lot of that in my lifetime, but it's always been against people I perceive to be corrupted powerful people and I'm working hard now to sabotage the "New W-orld O-rder". I have a real hard time imagining how I could be turned to sabotage anyone else, for instance like Ron Paul

Of course, Conspiracy Nation got in on the act, with an edition entitled Shooter: "The Revolution Begins Today". This version of events has more tofu to it, including good old numerology.

Besides being reportedly the 311th day of the year, yesterday, November 7th, has a European 7-11 significance. Over there, they write November 7th as 7 November 2007, i.e., 7/11.

But the gist of this conspiracy is that it has something to do with the financial markets, the rising price of oil and the bailing out of a British bank. No effort is made to expand on the numerology, alas.

November 7, 2007

Bampottery, live and direct.

Finland: News is breaking of a school shooting in Finland, and the alleged murderer is, as you might expect, a bit of a loon. But, Pekka-Eric Auvinen is (or was) not a religious loon. Indeed, the fundies will cream themselves, because this particular loon claims to be acting in the name of natural selection. From his manifesto [Word document; the same, in Finnish?]:

Pekka-Eric Auvinen, taken from his own websiteToday the process of natural selection is totally misguided. It has reversed. Human race has been devolving very long time for now. Retarded and stupid , weak-minded people are reproducing more and faster than the intelligent, strong-minded people....

Life is just a meaningless coincidence... result of long process of evolution and many several factors, causes and effects. However, life is also something that an individual wants and determines it to be. And I'm the dictator and god of my own life. And me, I have chosen my way. I am prepared to fight and die for my cause. I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection....

No mercy for the scum of the earth! HUMANITY IS OVERRATED! It's time to put NATURAL SELECTION & SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST back on tracks!

His taste in music tends towards the industrial (which, to the media, will be the same as goth), so Auvinen warns against the usual goth-blaming and, refreshingly, takes full responsibility for his actions:

And remember that this is my war, my ideas and my plans. Don’t blame anyone else for my actions than myself. Don’t blame my parents or my friends. I told nobody about my plans and I always kept them inside my mind only. Don’t blame the movies I see, the music I hear, the games I play or the books I read. No, they had nothing to do with this. This is my war: one man war against humanity, governments and weak-minded masses of the world!

He has also posted notice of his intentions to YouTube [Update: this video has now been removed. See the BBC News link below for a description] as well as in another Word document, posted yesterday on his website:


Event: Jokela High School Massacre.
Targets: Jokelan Lukio (High School Of Jokela), students and faculty, society, humanity, human race.
Date: 11/7/2007.
Attack Type: Mass murder, political terrorism (altough I choosed the school as target, my motives for the attack are political and much much deeper and therefore I don’t want this to be called only as school shooting).
Location: Jokela, Tuusula, Finland.
Perpetrator's name: Pekka-Eric Auvinen (aka NaturalSelector89, Natural Selector, Sturmgeist89 and Sturmgeist). I also use pseydonym Eric von Auffoin internationally.
Weapons: Semi-automatic .22 Sig Sauer Mosquito pistol.

Fatal shooting at Finnish schoolBBC News, 7th November 2007 (thanks, Tef). A list of mirrors to Auvinen's materials is being maintained at this entry to a blog about the shootings.

November 2, 2007

Science education improved; fundies of many stripes upset

South Africa: It seems that, up till now, evolution has not been taught in South Africa's schools. But it is to be included in the national school curriculum from next year, leading to allegations that it is teaching Satanism!

Godly Governance Network provincial secretary Sipho Mengezeleli said the introduction of evolution was a revolution against God and Christianity.

Mengezeleli, who has started canvassing other religious organisations in an effort to mount a united front against the department, said: This course is aimed at eroding God from people's mind. It's satanic by its very nature because it's against creation and against God.

And it's not just insecure Christians getting into the act. Some Hindus's beliefs are so shallow and fragile that they cannot tolerate their children even knowing of the existence of other viewpoints:

Hindu Society chairperson Gino Vassan said the concept of evolution goes directly against Hinduism and should not even be an option. We don't believe in evolution --we believe in reincarnation, said Vassan. We would not want something that goes against our belief to be taught to our children.

Fury rumbles over 'satanic' school courseDaily Dispatch, 31st October 2007.

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