January 30, 2008

Catholic upset that nuns are human

Hello Kitty shrine at Puroland, near TokyoUnited States: A religious extremist has complained about an advertisement for a Boston gym featuring nuns in a life drawing class. Or more precisely, he complains that the object of his fetishism has been depicted as normal human beings, with human failings, as the Sisters are clearly tempted by the buff young man modelling for them.

C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts told the Herald the ad portrays a callous contempt for the sensibility of Catholics.

Perhaps it's not the nuns that the complainer finds erotic? The model's such a Muscle Mary, the only nuns who would fancy him in real life would be Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Naked-Man Ad Riles Hub CatholicsWCVB TV, 30th January 2008.


But that photo is made of awesome. Stupid fundies.

It is a beautiful picture. I love the light and the nuns' habits are more nicely made than usual in advertising, nunsploitation etc.

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