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April 11, 2008

See, it really is "Penis Church" after all

England: An evangelical pastor who preached on the importance of fidelity is to step down after admitting adultery. Bishop Michael Reid told his congregation at Peniel Pentecostal Church in Brentwood, Essex, I confess that I have sinned by committing adultery. I recognise that I have failed in my duties and acted in a way that harmed the church. I apologise to my wife and family and all of you whose trust I have betrayed and ask for your forgiveness and prayers. According to the Daily Mail:

His wife of 36 years, Ruth, is standing by him and is understood to have accompanied him abroad to his other ministry, in the American state of Arizona.

Where he presumably thinks they do not have the internet, nor read newspapers.

Reid had already resigned as director of the Christian Coalition for Traditional Values, and is best known for his role in the campaign against Jerry Springer: the Opera. The only time he has featured in the Prattle is when a Peniel Church billboard in Edinburgh was creatively vandalised.

Update: He might not be doing much in Arizona after all, according to the Michael Reid Ministries home page:

Bishop Michael Reid tendered his resignation from the church board and stepped down from pastoral duties in the church. The reason is that he has sinned by committing adultery and he has unreservedly apologised for what he had done and has taken full responsibility for his actions.

Bishop who preached family values finally admits: I am an adultererDaily Mail, 10th April 2008; Pastor resigns post over adulteryBBC News, 10th April 2008; Bad "Bishop" resigns from CCTVMediaWatchWatch, 8th April 2008. See also Bishop Michael Reid Resigns over Sex ScandalBartholomew's Notes on Religion, 8th April 2008, for considerably more detail and analysis of this story.

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