June 26, 2009

The Great Michael Jackson Conspiracy List

Well, that didn't take long. There are already two main conspiracy theories developing surrounding the demise of singer Michael Jackson: the first is that he was murdered in some symbolic way by the conspiracy; the second that he isn't dead at all. Note that the police do consider his death to be suspicious and are investigating the possibility of unlawful killing, which just fans the conspiracies further. This list is really just a Wee Conspiracy List at the moment, but no doubt it will expand over time.


  • -- Sputnik Forces Kills Michael Jackson! --—Nancy Luft in alt.conspiracy (and several billion other places), 26th June 2009.
    First The Sputnik Forces broke the ankle of Sotomayor, Obama's nominee to our Supreme Count. Then The Sputnik Forces broke the elbow of Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and she even had to have surgery on it. Next The Sputnik Forces crashed those two subway trains in Washington DC. And I just heard that now The Sputnik Forces murdering the singer Michael Jackson with a heart attack and he was only 50 years old. What next?
    (added by Feòrag, 26th June 2009.)
  • Ding-ding-ding TRIAD OF DEATH//TRIAD OF DEATH//TRIAD!!—Arthur Preacher in alt.conspiracy, 26th June 2009.
    While everybody is being distracted by the phony CIA propaganda coming out of Iran and the kook the runs North Korea, some unsavory group delivered a TRIAD OF DEATH by us one more time!! We should have been ready and we would have been ready, but we were distracted, once again!!

    Of course I am referring to Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett and Micheal Jackson. Simply put, WHAT did they know and who were they going to TELL and WHY now! There has to be a thread running here, and it is up to US to untangle this incredible WEB of DECEIT. We are up to the task because if we fail here, we can expect another TRAID of DEATH!!

    The end of Kodachrome MAY hold a clue!!
    That last line leaves me suspicious that someone is taking the piss. (added by Feòrag, 26th June 2009.)
  • January 6.2009: President Elect Obama begged Michael Jackson to perform at his inaugaration — Dirk Bruere at NeoPax in alt.activism.death-penalty, 27th June 2009. In response to a post noting that he must have been really ill to have turned down such an opportunity:
    You're not thinking this through.
    Nobody turns down an order from the New World Order Illuminati Nazi Jew conspiracy and lives.
    (added by Feòrag, 27th June 2009.)
  • Michael Jackson Murdered—Charles Douglas Wehner in alt.music.michael-jackson, 26th June 2009.
    There can be no doubt that the Freeeeeeeeeeak gang who run the United States murdered Michael Jackson.
    This one has to be read! (added by Feòrag, 29th June 2009.)
  • Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett the Latest Celebrity Victims of Big PharmaNatural News, 26th June 2009.
    That Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both died in the last 48 hours is shocking news to many, but it's not nearly as surprising as the fact that they were both killed by Big Pharma's toxic drugs.
    This hypothesis is explained further here, and the same publication also refers to a lawsuit against everyone which mentions Michael Jackson. (added by Feòrag, 29th June 2009.)
  • Did Ahmadinejad kill Michael Jackson?Kanamgir (Archer), 26th June 2009. (added by Feòrag, 1st July 2009.)
  • Russia’s FSB Reports Pop Icon Michael Jackson Assassinated By CIAFour Winds 10, 26th June 2009.
    FSB sources are reporting to President Medvedev today that American pop icon Michael Jackson was most assuredly assassinated by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after an examination of data transmitted by a Russian Military’s Kosmos 2450 satellite show conclusively that immediately prior to the music stars death in Los Angeles an electromagnetic pulse consistent in pattern to EMR weapons looted from the former Soviet Union by the United States was employed at the exact coordinates of the rock stars home.
    (added by Feòrag, 13th July 2009.)
  • MICHAEL JACKSON: DEATH OF A DEVIL—Christopher Story in Four Winds 10, 7th July 2009.
    Michael Jackson was a creature of the Bush-CIA/DVD Crime Syndicate, a money-making 'platform' operation which – like the later J. K. Rowling Harry Potter committee-written, witchcraft-teaching, child-depraving operation directed by a filthy revolutionary cell inside the ‘Black’ components of British counterintelligence – was framed with just two objectives in mind:

    • To maximise the revolutionary potential for calling good evil, and evil good, in order to generate mass multiple personality disorder among our children and young people so as to satisfy depraved revolutionary mind-control objectives and to enlarge the pool of children 'available' for abuse.

    • To establish a money cow and a consequent flow of funds for 'platform' trading purposes.

    As for Jackson, let’s revert briefly to his experience of ‘sudden death syndrome’. It has been put to us by the informed sources who made us aware of Jackson’s ‘Bush dimension’, that those forces who are engaged in warfare behind the scenes against the CIA-DVD Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate, eliminated Jackson in order to close down the ‘trading platform’ potential that was associated with this manipulated, depraved paedophile. Recall that tickets for exhibitions of narcissistic Jackson depravity to be launched from the epicentre of geomasonry, London, were being sold for venues throughout the world, out to next spring: a nice depravity-spreading little earner, hey what?
    (added by Feòrag,13th July 2009.)
  • Jackson was murdered, says star's sisterABC News, 12th July 2009.
    I believe Michael was murdered - I felt that from the start, she said.

    Not just one person was involved, rather it was a conspiracy of people. He was surrounded by a bad circle....

    La Toya accuses a shadowy group of cutting her sibling off from his family and friends and forcing him to sign up for 50 comeback concerts at London's O2 Arena, shows billed as This Is It.

    She says they saw him as a cash cow and got him hooked on drugs - I think it shocked his system so much it killed him.
    She later claimed to know who was responsible and threatened to name them publicly. (added by Feòrag, 13th July 2009.)


  • MJ Fakes Death? His BODY moves - ****VIDEO**** —Warhol in alt.conspiracy, 26th June 2009.
    I saw the video in HD, the motherfacker did move, he sat up a little, then laid down like he was adjusting himself to get more comfortable..

    Holy shit did this guy fake his death??

    It is plausible given his connection to the Presley family that he could fake his won death to escape his legal and financial problems like his former father-in-law.

    I smell a rat here and I Know he is alive.
    soon all the truths will be known...

    When the Ark is revealed, it will be used to raise him to life.
    This post refers to a video on YouTube which purports to show him moving. I can't see it myself. It also brings in one of today's more interesting news stories—that the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church plans to unveil the Ark of the Covenant. You can read a summary of World Nut Daily's conspiracy theories surrounding that over at Bartholomew's Notes on Religion (added by Feòrag, 26th June 2009.)
  • A certain respected news publication claims to have predicted him faking his death. MICHAEL JACKSON FAKED HIS OWN DEATH?Weekly World News, 26th June 2009.
    In a 1994 issue of Weekly World News, it was predicted that superstar Michael Jackson was so heartsick with the nightmare his troubled life had become, he would fake his own death – just like Elvis!...

    The cover story will be that Michael Jackson suffered a fatal heart attack while riding his Ferris wheel. Jackson’s ‘remains’ will be cremated and his ‘ashes’ will be scattered on the grounds of his estate, he explains.
    (added by Feòrag, after Red Wolf pointed it out, 26th June 2009.)
  • Michael Jackson Sightings (added by Feòrag, 1st July 2009.)
  • Michael Jackson Hoax Death (added by Feòrag, 1st July 2009.)


  • Jackson dead 20 years ago?—countrygirl8808 on HubPages, 1st July 2009 (probably - date the user joined the site).
    Just today, there has been a chilling discovery at "Michael Jackson's" Neverland Ranch. Investigators have uncovered a corpse buried just inches beneath the train tracks that run across the ranch. Supposedly, through dental record examinations as well as DNA tests there has been a confirmation that the corpse found belongs to the real Michael Jackson.

    They stated that the state of decomposition leads them to believe that Michael died around the time that his album "Bad" was released.
    (added by Feòrag, 1st July 2009.)



It seems there was a book of conspiracies surrounding Jackson while he was still alive: Michael Jackson’s death brings conspiracy theory back into spotlight

The Telegraph has its own round-up of Jackson death conspiracies: Michael Jackson death: conspiracy theories and unanswered questions

Kerry Dean has another round-up of conspiracies: Michael Jackson’s Death: Conspiracy or Cardiac Arrest?

Heckler Spray has a seemingly innocuously titled offering that strays off into wacky parallels between Jackson and Princess Diana. (No doubt his death was also a plot by Prince Phillip) Michael Jackson: Was It An Overdose?

Not a conspiracy theory, but an interesting observation from the Jewish Journal that Jackson's eldest two children are Jewish: Michael Jackson a Jew?

No further info or links, but William Gibson seems to have run across post-death Jackson sightings turning up on Twitter:

@GreatDismal The Elvisey begins RT@LittleMonsta First Michael Jackson sightings appearing on twitter.

@GreatDismal MJ sightings: the raw Jungian weirdness of myth is afoot, make no mistake.

He could really be dead. The doctor is in on it for sure. His songs contained messages and his death is REALLY SUSPICIOUS. The conspiracy theory is not just a theory, but could be fact!

> Dirk Bruere

Having known Dirk for some time via the Asatru newsgroups, and then having gotten delightfully drunk with him at Solstice festivals at Ormswald, I believe the tone of his quoted comment to have been intensely sarcastic. I haven't seen the context, but Dirk is a pretty rational guy and likes to take the piss out of mainstream American conspiracy theorising (references to New World Order and/or Jewish conspiracies, for example). If he was being serious, he isn't the man I knew any more.

Good site, btw: enjoying it.


I think MJ's death was a California state government conspiracy. Think about it. MJ's about to go on a billion dollar tour, and California said, we need this money..So, through a large network, they established this theory that MJ would be "taken care of" by these "doctors" and then pass away. A few days later, flights from across the world are booked for LA and only people from outside of this state got tickets...This is the MJ tour. Just instead of it filling his pockets, it's going to the government. Oh, and Gov. Schwarznass wants the family to help cover costs...


Hey, now... for starters, I believe it was L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who asked for contributions for the cost of added police, etc. for the memorial service. I live 2 hours away from the Staples Center and never heard of the Govinator having anything to do with it. Secondly, there were MANY winners of those tickets in the general L.A. area. (They were posted on the local Craigslist the day before the memorial - DESPITE being told they couldn't sell them.) May I assume that you meant that whole statement about California ENTIRELY in a sarcastic manner and not for reals?

The one about the 'real' MJ's body being found at Neverland is originally from the Onion -


SimonC@7: Indeed it is, but it's being repeated by people who take it seriously (I've seen it on several sites), so it counts.

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