July 15, 2009


The update has happened, and it's mostly running okay, although Six Apart appears to have decided that accents in names are Unamerican or something as, however I render mine, it mangles them (but only in comments).

Expect random stuff to happen as I get to grips with the new templating system and try to incorporate new functionality without buggering up my existing style. You'll already notice that "last updated" dates are back on the Conspiracy Lists, but that the exact date has been lost in the move yesterday. Feh.

Update: Accents are working now, threaded comments seem okay. Now to see if I can implement userpics, and then hunt out a plug-in that offers Gravatars as an option.


Uh, helpful hint, ferrignDevil name thingies is, well, unAmerican. Deleting vowels, cool Idea.

Glad to see you made the conversion ok.


Clearly, but fortunately it's fixed now.

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