August 17, 2009

Another "witch" murdered

Ghana: A pastor has been arrested and remanded in custody on charges that he caned a 40-year-old woman to death because he thought she was a witch. Pastor James Kusi, leader of the Warriors of Zion Prayer camp, became convinced of this after he caned her children to get them to confess.

DSP Wowolo said the suspect invited the children to the camp and insisted that they confess that were witches.

He said when they refused, the pastor decided to cane them to compel them to confess.

DSP Wowolo said Kusi claimed that the children had confessed that it was their mother who gave them the witchcraft and had planned to sacrifice their father for this year's Christmas feast.

What is it with pastors and a desire to beat people?

Meanwhile, in South Africa, two brothers have been jailed for 15 years each for the murder of their stepfather whom they believed had bewitched their mother.

On June‚ÄČ10 they took her to an inyanga, who told them that she had been bewitched by a close family member.

The inyanga told us that we should not take my mother to hospital for admission as she would die. The inyanga told us we should perform a ritual at home to appease the ancestors and return to her the following day for further treatment” said Nkanyiso.

The stepfather had a long history of abusing the brothers' mother, something the judge took into account in sentencing.

Pastor canes alleged witch to death Ghana News Agency, 16th August 2009; Brothers get 15 years for murderThe Witness, 17th August 2009.

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