August 16, 2009

Stupidest anti-evolution argument yet

Turkey: Creationist bampots are rather active in allegedly secular Turkey, and they have an Islamic flavour. Adnan Oktar, author of the notorious Atlas of Creation is apparently banged up for creating an illegal organisation for personal gain and making threats, so it's up to his cronies to fly the creationist flag. And they are even more lacking in basic science, even though one of them is a brain surgeon! A correspondent for soL, a Turkish left-wing news portal, watched the TV debate and reports:

During the TV show, Dr. Oktar Babuna and Cihat Gündoğdu tried to disprove arguments of the scientists...

They called in the question which evolution created angel and daemon, how felicities in the heaven evolved, how the snake came into existence out of the baton as well as the bird out of mud. The creationists tried to disprove evolution theory with these questions.

They did not address how other similar creatures, such as invisible pink unicorns, cast doubt on evolutionary theory.

"Well then, how did angels evolve?"soL, 16th August 2009.

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The evolution of angels? Wow - this idea is so barking that it didn't even get a mention in 'The God Delusion', and that is saying something!

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