May 20, 2010

Everyone Draw Mohammed Day: my contribution.

Over on Facebook, someone declared today to be Everyone Draw Mohammed Day as a protest against religious groups censoring, through violence and threats of violence, people not of that faith and who therefore do not abide by its rules. The best explanation I've seen comes from Greta Christina.

Many of the contributions are deliberately rude and offensive. I don't see the point of that when apparently a simple drawing is enough. The physical appearance of Mohammed in my drawing is based on a 14th century miniature of the Prophet receiving his first revelation from Gabriel. It is one of many illustrations of Mohammed, by a Muslim artist, in the book Jami' al-Tawarikh, which is now in Edinburgh University Library. It can be seen at the Mohammed Image Archive. I drew it in an Insular style, inspired by depictions of Jesus and other Biblical characters in the Book of Kells.



It's a wonderful picture.


All you need now is a SIMPLE modification!

Re-draw the beard (which looks a bit like mine in your drawing) to mutate itself into TENTACLES at the ends .....

I fear that that might offend Cthulhu!

If you've not come across this strip before have fun.

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