March 14, 2011


A.k.a. The Great Japanese Earthquake Conspiracy List. It was, I suppose, inevitable that the ongoing disaster in Japan would attract some rather bizarre hypotheses regarding its cause. The most popular one right now links it with HAARP, and there are too many of them to list. Frustratingly, I've seen references in non-open fora to a suggestion that it was caused by Israeli nuclear testing, but I can't find any more than that. As ever, this list will expand over time.




  • Pastor condemned for quake commentThe Korea Herald, 14th March 2011.
    I fear that this disaster may be warnings from God against the Japanese people’s atheism and materialism, an online Christian press quoted the elderly religious leader as saying Saturday.
    (added by Feòrag, 14th March 2011.)


  • Pole Shift Is September 26, 2011—Terral on US Message Board, 12th March 2011.
    The data seems to indicate that we are looking at a March 15, 2011 Sun/Earth/Brown Dwarf alignment that should cause even more havoc in the form of earthquakes, volcano eruptions and rogue waves, etc., which means this Japan quake is just a warm up. The geological pole shift cannot possibly happen this early in the timeline, because the brown dwarf is just too far away on March 15 (2.01 AU = 180+ million miles away). That event comes later this summer (9/26), when Nibiru is only .396 AU away and the brown dwarf is directly between the Sun and Earth to wrestle polarity control away from the Sun.
    (added by Feòrag, 14th March 2011.)
  • Moon at Maximum Traction During Latest Earthquake ClustersCrisisboom, 13th March 2011. (added by Feòrag, 14th March 2011.)
  • Was the Sun a trigger to the Japan Earthquake on FridayThe Weather Space, 12th March 2011. (added by Feòrag, 14th March 2011.)


  • UFO (Ovni) at Tsunami Japan 11/03/2011—betraythesilence at YouTube, 11th March 2011. There are quite a few videos, mostly in Spanish, showing alleged UFOs in the vicinity of the tsunami. (added by Feòrag, 14th March 2011.)


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